Don't let weather keep you from attending the 2016 Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 NASCAR weekend! We've got you, well, covered, so to speak!

 Introducing the all-new Perfect Race Weather Guarantee! Here's the rundown:

If the maximum high temperature for Saturday's event or Sunday's event of race weekend fails to reach at least 50 degrees in Hampton, Georgia as observed by the National Weather Service, or if either event is postponed to a later date and you cannot attend, you can request a credit for the total value of your grandstand tickets for that day's event, and we'll place it in your customer account. You can then use the balance for any future AMS event or events in 2016 or even the 2017 NASCAR Weekend!

The credit will only be available if the Perfect Race Weather Guarantee goes into effect and if your tickets are not scanned at any entry gates on the day of the event. You must contact the AMS ticket office within 30 days of the event to receive your credit.

So don't worry about the weather! Make your plans now to join us in 2016!