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The Road To $3 million Ends at Atlanta Motor Speedway!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Have you ever heard the phrase, “feeling like a million bucks?” Well on Labor Day Weekend, one fan at the AdvoCare 500 will have the chance to go home with a payday of a million dollars! How’s that for having a way to pay for gas money on the way home on Labor Day Weekend?

It’s all through a very exciting promotion being offered by Sprint – the Sprint Summer Showdown Presented by HTC EVO 3D!  And it culminates at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Labor Day Weekend!

Having a chance to win a million bucks is simple – just go to each week prior to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races at Indianapolis through Bristol. One fan that correctly picks that week’s race winner will be randomly chosen to be paired up with that week’s race winner at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The winning fan will receive an all expenses paid trip to the AdvoCare 500, and if the driver they are paired up with wins under the lights at Atlanta Motor Speedway, they, the winning driver and the driver’s charity of choice each win $1 million!

This promotion is going to be one of the most exciting elements of the 2011 NASCAR season for both fans and drivers. Just to have a shot at a million dollars, drivers have a win one of the races before heading to Atlanta Motor Speedway. And then when the AdvoCare 500 rolls around, there will be up to five drivers with a shot at taking home the large payday. If you thought winning under the lights at Atlanta Motor Speedway was already a big motivation for drivers, imagine the drama and intensity late in the race with two drivers racing for the win, both knowing that a million bucks is at stake?

Forget racing for points for a good, solid finish. On Labor Day Weekend, a chance at a million bucks will likely involve rolling the dice and taking chances for both drivers and crew chiefs. One thing is for certain – winning at Atlanta under the lights will be even more coveted for drivers.

It’s yet another reason why all fans can ill afford to miss being apart of the AdvoCare 500. It’ll already be the largest Labor Day Party in the USA. Now, with a fan and driver having a chance to pocket a million bucks, it’s even bigger! 

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