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They Said It - Overheard After The Good Sam Club 200

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ron Hornaday Jr.

"See that trophy? We stole it tonight, but I'll take it any way we can get it. Jeff and all the guys worked hard. We got back up to sixth place after that pit stop, they did an awesome job in the pits. I got back restarted about three laps into the run, and I said, 'Man this thing's tight. What did you do to it, Jeff?' and he said 'All the tape blew off'. You'd be amazed what a piece of tape does on the front of a truck at Atlanta Motor Speedway to make it tight or loose. Came back in, put more tape on it, pulled a spring rubber out. We had a really, really good ARMOUR Chevrolet. Then we stole it from there."

Jeff Hensley (Winning crew chief, No. 33 ARMOUR/Ingles Chevrolet)

"It was really pretty easy because after what happened at the start, it was the only chance we had. We had a really good truck. When the caution came out, we came down pit road. I knew we could make it on fuel. We worked on it, and it was pretty decent after that. We just got lucky, and a little bit of planning too. It was the only chance we had, and Ron did a great job. With about 20 to go, we started backing down because we knew the leaders were going to have to start pitting. Just saved a little bit of fuel, and had enough there at the end."

Kevin Harvick (Winning team owner, No. 33 ARMOUR/Ingles Chevrolet)

"I didn't really do much. I started the race sitting in my Cup trailer figuring out what exactly what we're gonna do to my Cup car tomorrow. It's just one of those days – I told these guys, you lose so many more of these races than you win, but when you win one, you make up for about 50 that you've probably lost over the years. It was a good night for KHI."

Clint Bowyer (Second-place finisher, No. 2 Bad Boy Buggies Chevrolet)

"Got beat by a guy that snookered me, played a better poker game than we did and we got beat. But you gotta hand it to those guys, man we had a great truck. Kevin's always put me in a great truck. Love this Truck Series, it's a lot of fun being able to race Kyle for the wins and give him a run for his money. Bad Boy Buggies for coming on board and helping us, we won the race at Kansas with them. I just got my brand new Bad Boy Buggy, so looking forward to going hunting." (Did any of that KHI-KBM rivalry stuff come into mind, or was it just good, hard racing?") "I had orders to wreck him at every chance possible but just couldn't get it done [laughter] ... no, man. It's fun racing hard with someone that you know is not gonna crash underneath you. It's cool. (What are you thinking about at the end in a fuel mileage race) I was wishing for a caution or for (Hornaday) to run out of gas, I can promise you that."

Kyle Busch (Third-place finisher, No. 18 Dollar General Toyota)

"The 2 truck was definitely the best truck of the night. It's fortunate for us he didn't win given that we're fighting for the owner's championship. (What was the difference between you and Bowyer?) He could just stay a lot better on the long run. It seemed like I'd blow the tires off after about 10 laps and he'd just start getting away from me. Traditional Atlanta, you gotta be better on the long run. () Good to see these guys sucker one away from them. (Responding to Bowyer's comment about team orders to wreck him) Glad he could refrain from orders (chuckle). He tried a couple times ... nah. It was good hard racing."

Blake Feese (Fourth-place finisher, No. 32 AccuDoc Solutions Chevrolet)

"I was really hoping we could hold on to second there because (Ron) Hornaday is like a second father to me; it would have been so cool to be 1-2. We were so bad in practice today. I was doubting myself, and my guys were down. I don't know how they fixed it to make it go that fast. I thought we were done. I never thought we'd finish at all when I hit the wall; I thought I ended our night, but these guys fixed it. We were good on fuel so we stayed out, but they had new tires so that's all we had."

Ryan Newman (Fifth-place finisher, No. 08 Realtree/Brandt Chevrolet)

"I'm proud of the guys, proud of the team. We didn't get the victory that we wanted but a top 5, that's all we had tonight. We had probably a third-place truck; a couple guys got us on fuel. (Were you thinking strictly about racing tonight, or did you find your mind wandering and thinking about Beau?) My mind wandered a couple times. He would have had fun, been smiling, just like me. Probably thinking about where he could put up a tree stand tomorrow."

James Buescher (10th-place finisher, new points leader, No. 31 EXIDE Batteries Chevrolet):

"Our Exide Batteries Chevy was struggling all day. We struggled right off the hauler, first practice we were slow. I had problems getting the thing to handle right. Battled at the end of the second practice, thought maybe we had a lot of it fixed but I knew we still weren't great. I had problems getting through the center of the corner. Qualified really well, but as soon as the race started we dropped back to about 10th or 15th and ran there most of the night. It's just tough to pass. When my truck was handling, it was really loose. And it would end up getting tight in the center of the corner, and then get loose again, and feel like I was going to wreck it just about every other lap. It feels to go be points leader, it's what we've been working towards a lot of the year. We definitely have to run better than we did tonight to continue to be points leader, and be the points leader after Homestead. I know that we're capable of it. We've been better than this the last 10-12 weeks. But just struggled here tonight, but I think we're going to be able to turn it around." (On Ryan Newman's paint scheme for Beau Slocumb) "Beau was a good friend of mine. I raced with him in Legends cars and I raced with him in Late Models. I know Ryan's paint scheme from tonight real well. I've raced against it, I've lost to it, even won a few races against it. But he was a great friend of mine and everybody at Turner Motorsports, and we miss him a lot. But it was cool to see Ryan run so well with the paint scheme, and I'm glad he got a good finish in top 5 and was able to honor him in that way. But he was definitely a really good friend and it's cool for him to be able to do that."

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