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Road To A Title Runs Through Victory Lane at AMS

Monday, October 31, 2011

Is being able to win at Atlanta Motor Speedway critical to being a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion? According to the latest standings in the Chase for the Championship, that answer would appear to be yes.

With its exciting blend of speed and a racing surface forcing drivers to manhandle a car, AMS is one of the most challenging tracks in NASCAR. For that reason, a list of winners at Atlanta Motor Speedway coincides with the top drivers in NASCAR.

With three races to go in the season, the top three drivers in the standings have at least one career victory at AMS. In fact, the top two drivers in the standings, points leader Carl Edwards and second place Tony Stewart, each have three Sprint Cup victories at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Kevin Harvick, currently third, has one AMS win.

Edwards leads Stewart by eight points in standings with Harvick being 21 points out of first place.

At this point, all indications are that the road to being a Sprint Cup Champion runs through Victory Lane at Atlanta Motor Speedway.   

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