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Visitors to AMS Could Include a Super Bowl Champion

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Chad Ochocinco added some hot laps with Jeff Burton to his offseason activities in 2011.

Scores of big names have joined fans for NASCAR events through the years at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Future United States President Jimmy Carter, retired four-star general Colin Powell, country music icon Charlie Daniels, Dukes of Hazzard cast member John Schneider and actor Tom Cruise are but some of the big names who have joined us during race weekends. 

Should things go a certain way on Super Bowl Sunday, a reigning Super Bowl champion could be added to that list. Among the players vying to be part of the Super Bowl champions on Sunday will be New England Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco. 

Ochocinco got a taste of a the white-knuckled speed of Atlanta Motor Speedway last summer when he visited the Speedway. His day included some ride-along laps with NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Jeff Burton. 

Ochocinco's visit came during an NFL off-season in which he tried his hand a bullriding. 

"This ranks right up there with the bull riding, man," Ochocinco said while at the Speedway. "It's not until you actually get in a car with these guys, like today with Jeff Burton, that you realize how dangerous this sport is and the amount of skill it takes to run out there with other drivers."

Click here for some photos of Ochocinco's visit.

On each NASCAR race weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway, thousands of fans from all walks of life come together for the Biggest Labor Day Party in the USA. We cannot wait to have you join us Labor Day Weekend, where we'll cap it all off with the AdvoCare 500! 

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