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Time-Honored Passion For Cars Stirred By Friday Night Drags

Friday, May 4, 2012
Photo: Tom Francisco,

If you spend a few minutes around individuals passionate about automobiles, a debate is likely to happen quickly. It’s that of one car enthusiast claiming that their favorite brand of car is better than any other.

Whether it’s the argument of Ford vs. Chevy or import cars against domestics, many are passionate about their cars and are quick to boast about how much better theirs can perform against any other takers. Most Friday nights this summer, that rivalry moves to pit road at Atlanta Motor Speedway when we’ll kick off yet another season of Friday Night Drags & Show-N-Shine!

This is racing on the grassroots level. We keep it simple. There’s no timing system or starting tree. The race begins with a hand-drop with the first driver to the finish line taking the victory.

If you have any interest in cars, Friday Night Drags is right up your alley!

We start the night with the Show-N-Shine competition. Show vehicles are entered in eight different categories and later parade around the track in the “Speedway Cruise” before being parked on the front stretch of the track for fans to come view.

Then, with the track clear, drag racing eliminations kick off after 9:09 p.m. in 16 different divisions!

No matter what the vehicle is, there’s likely a class for it at Friday Night Drags! High-powered cars drag race, but there’s more to it than that! Street legal domestic and import models drag race in addition to trucks – some of which have nitrous for an added boost! And yes, that does raise the chance for a vehicle to do a wheel stand!

Past vehicles to drag race have included 1940s-era delivery trucks, station wagons and even family mini-vans!

It goes without saying that if you like cars, you’ll love Friday Night Drags!

Grandstand gates open at 6:30 p.m. and fans are welcome to watch drag racing practice prior to the Show-N-Shine parade laps. Admission is $8 and is free for kids $5 and under.

Drag racing or Show-N-Shine entry is $20, or $30 to enter in both.

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We’ll see you at the track! 

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