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No matter how hard we try, there's no escaping the excitement of everything that we're working on for our fans when NASCAR night racing returns to Atlanta Motor Speedway on Labor Day Weekend! Earlier this week, for example, while watching a sporting event on TV, I noticed a fan on the front row wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt. That, of course, instantly reminded me of the Fast Cars and Guitars Pre-Race Concert on Sept. 4 before the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Night Race! Think about it, before the best drivers in NASCAR take on one of racing's fastest tracks, the most legendary Southern rock and roll band of all-time will be playing a pre-race concert! Continue...

For most of us, there are moments when we’re younger which play a big part in shaping who we are later in life. One of those times for me came when I was about 11 years old. On my first visit to a NASCAR track, I received a fast and rousing introduction to stock car racing. When I entered the grandstand, the first stop was not to our seats to watch final practice – it was right next to the catch fence, where I received a rather vivid idea of how fast and loud stock cars are.

But as loud as it was that day, that moment helped birth a passion for racing that’s still burning pretty strong today. That’s exactly what we have in mind at AMS with our NASCAR Fans of Tomorrow promotion for Labor Day Weekend!


During the past few years, night racing has become woven into the fabric of Atlanta Motor Speedway with the Labor Day Weekend of NASCAR Night Racing. After all, who doesn’t love some night racing? But there’s been one thing missing the past two Labor Day Weekends in Atlanta, something adored by a sizeable number of fans – racing in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series under the lights. But this year, after a brief hiatus, truck racing is back under the lights at Atlanta Motor Speedway, giving fans the opportunity to see three NASCAR night races in a single weekend!


When you come to an event like race weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway, there's far more involved than the race itself. There's the fans, fun atmosphere, good food, awesome music and just flat-out good times! And when you're at Atlanta Motor Speedway, few things say good food and good times with friends more than tailgating with your friends! 

Whether it's a secret family recipe, a long-time friendship which began during a race weekend or a funny story, we all likely have a favorite story from race weekend. And we'd like to hear yours! Just send your favorite stories or memories from tailgating at Atlanta Motor Speedway to this e-mail address

So whether it has to do with food, friends, racing or something else, we look forward to hearing about your favorite times had at Atlanta Motor Speedway!


Needless to say, there’s no shortage of speed when it comes to Atlanta Motor Speedway. With a NASCAR qualifying record of more than 197 mph and with average speeds approaching the 190 mph mark with NASCAR drivers on the racetrack, going fast is critical for any driver to have a chance to win at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Labor Day Weekend when NASCAR night racing makes its return to Atlanta.

 But of all the parts of Atlanta’s fast surface which allows thrilling racing in multiple grooves, the end of the backstretch entering turn three may be the fastest.


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