Situated on more than 880 acres, Atlanta Motor Speedway is well equipped to handle the annual Labor Day Weekend of NASCAR night racing in addition to other events.

Last weekend, more than 3,000 RVs were here for the Good Sam RV Rally. Here's a link to a photo gallery! And this weekend, we'll once again host the Georgia State Fair.

Within the past few years, AMS has quickly become an ideal location for a vast array of 5K running events, attracting visitors of all ages.

This year alone, more than 10 running events have been or are scheduled to be held at Atlanta Motor Speedway. While some have utilized the outer perimeter areas of the facility, other events have mapped out a route that has included going under the Speedway's grandstand concourse.

The Color Run, a 5K in which participants are pelted with colored dyes, held two separate events at AMS this year with a combined total of more than 35,000 participants. Zombie fanatics were on the scene earlier this year as well, in a fun run in which runners were chased and terrorized by zombies. Last fall, AMS played host to the Mud Crusade where participants made their way through a challenging obstacle course forcing them to crawl, run and climb their way through ice cold water and mud to the finish.

And coming up Nov. 30, Atlanta Motor Speedway will host the Funk-N-Run which will consist of a combination of a 5K, obstacle course, colored dyes being thrown at runners and more.

With so many 5K and other "fun run" events, the door is flung open for those who would not normally attend events at Atlanta Motor Speedway to be exposed to the first-class facility.

Through such events, thousands of individuals are able to either make a return trip to Atlanta Motor Speedway for events or experience the excitement of joining us for an event for the first time.