As part of my job of handling the social media efforts at Atlanta Motor Speedway, one of the best things about race weekend for me is getting to know some of the many race fans that spend Labor Day weekend with us here at the track! While a good number of fans I encounter are on our Facebook and Twitter pages, there are others in the grandstands and in what is the second home for some fans – the campgrounds at AMS.

Whether you are camping in an RV, tent or pop-up camper or residing at your infield spot or are in one of our many campgrounds outside the racetrack, there are few experiences in racing as fun or enjoyable as camping at AMS!

Most fans we see on race weekend have a unique story to tell. One may be about their journey to the racetrack. Another may be about a family member that introduced them to racing, while another may be of fond memories from past races at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It all blends itself together to form one big family of race fans during a race weekend that we love having with us!

And like many family gatherings, it usually makes you hungry! I had a pretty good-sized appetite any time I ventured into the campgrounds last September. Aromas such as that of bacon on a griddle in the morning, burgers and sausage around lunchtime or a meat cooking on a grill close to dinner time filled the air. For many, a race weekend is not quite complete without the food, with some fans trotting out time-honored family recipes as part of the experience of the Biggest Labor Day Party In The USA! 

Each race weekend, it doesn’t take long not only to find fans having a great time at the racetrack, but it’s also easy to see a strong sense of community as well. At our most recent race last September, I was fortunate to be able to talk to a number of fans who had been camping in virtually the same spot for a number of years in a row, as had some of the campers close to them. For you see, when you’re in the campground at AMS, this is home – it’s where some of the people who you have seen through the years have become almost like family.

Whether you’re a lifelong camper or are new to camping at Atlanta Motor Speedway, we cannot wait to see you in the campgrounds on Labor Day Weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway! We’ve got full info on campgrounds here as well as in this video! You can also call 877-9-AMS-TIX for information as well!

Brad Harrison

Web Content Manager