Needless to say, there’s no shortage of speed when it comes to Atlanta Motor Speedway. With a NASCAR qualifying record of more than 197 mph and with average speeds approaching the 190 mph mark with NASCAR drivers on the racetrack, going fast is critical for any driver to have a chance to win at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Labor Day Weekend when NASCAR night racing makes its return to Atlanta.

 But of all the parts of Atlanta’s fast surface which allows thrilling racing in multiple grooves, the end of the backstretch entering turn three may be the fastest.

Traveling at such high a rate of speed, guiding a stock car around Atlanta’s 1.54-mile surface and its 24-degree banked turns is not a task for the weak-willed. And to do so while preventing a car’s handling from being upset, drivers often lift their foot off the gas pedal or tap their brakes in the turn.

But as drivers near the end of the backstretch, speed is built up entering turn three, with many cars topping out at around 200 mph.

And fans can get a great view of this speed in the Elliott Grandstand for a very affordable price! Placed in turn three, the Elliott Grandstand offers some of the best value in racing. For as low as $39, or $19 with a valid student ID, fans can sit in the Elliott Grandstand for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Night Race and get a prime view of drivers as they thunder down the backstretch toward turn three, into the fourth turn and make their way toward the frontstretch.

If you want to get an overload of the speed of Atlanta Motor Speedway, this may be just the place for you on Labor Day Weekend!

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