Oh welcome sweet springtime, we greet thee with racing!

If you live in the South, you have likely endured a cold winter. But this weekend, springtime temperatures are rolling in, and it's just in time for racing at Atlanta Motor Speedway! Don't let weather scare you from joining us for the Kobalt Tools 500 race weekend, because the weather forecast looks fantastic!

The latest forecast from accuweather.com calls for spring-like temperatures with little chance of rain, which should make race weekend all the more fun for all of our fans.

Sunny weather is predicted for all three days of race weekend with Friday's high being 52, Saturday's high temperature being 62 and for Sunday....a high of 70 degrees! 

In fact, Brian Neudorff, who refers to himself as 'an unofficial Twitter Meteorologist for NASCAR" had this to say on Tuesday, March 2 about the Kobalt Tools 500 race weekend: "This may be the best looking weekend we've seen for any race this season."

In other words, it looks to be a beautiful weekend for racing at Atlanta Motor Speedway!