When one thinks about racing, the word family often comes to mind. And some of NASCAR’S most legendary families, such as the Allisons, Pettys and Earnhardts, have one common thread. That is that their fathers instilled a love and passion for NASCAR.  But there’s more to the chain than a few former drivers. It’s a large part of why so many fans continue to spend their racing weekends with us at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Throughout the years, we have heard from countless fans who tell us stories about a time when they accompanied their father came to a race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, and how that moment birthed their love for NASCAR racing.

In fact, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver David Ragan, who is also a past Thursday Thunder champion at Atlanta Motor Speedway, has fond memories of being around racing as a child. Ragan’s father, Ken, competed in what was then known as the NASCAR Winston Cup Series on a part-time basis from 1983 to 1990.

Ken Ragan also raced at short tracks around the state of Georgia and dealt extensively with racecar drivers while running an auto parts store. It’s those experiences, says David Ragan, which helped plant a passion for racing that led to him currently being a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver for one of NASCAR’s top organizations.

“A lot of what I remember is just of him getting the car ready and loaded up to race at wherever it was he was racing,” Ragan said. “With him talking with the guys that raced at the auto parts store, I just remember him talking with the guys there about the racecars, and just really enjoyed that. I thought it’d be cool to be able to one day go out on the track and compete with other drivers.”

So as NASCAR night racing’s return to Atlanta Motor Speedway draws closer, what better way to spend time with your dad than tickets to the AdvoCare 500 race weekend? It’s also a great way to get dad out of the house as well!

Either way, we’re excited about having all of our fans with us on Labor Day Weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway!