Hello, race fans! This is Atlanta Motor Speedway President and General Manager Ed Clark! The summertime is getting closer here at the Speedway, which means that in just a few short months, it’ll be time for NASCAR  Night Racing’s return to Atlanta Motor Speedway. Everyone here at Atlanta Motor Speedway is busy these days as we’re all making preparations to welcome all of our fans for the Biggest Labor Day Party in the USA! Without question, night racing is a huge part of what we do at Atlanta Motor Speedway. When the lights come on Labor Day Weekend, a special feeling falls over our facility of more than 800 acres. 

It’s one of electricity, energy and excitement in the Georgia night air as NASCAR’s best drivers have but one goal in mind – to be the champion under the lights at one of NASCAR’s fastest tracks. Indeed, there is nothing in racing quite as special as a night race!

The track and cars are illuminated by scores of lights, it makes them easier to see both the cars and the track and also makes racecars appear to be moving faster around Atlanta Motor Speedway’s high-banked racing surface. Atlanta’s already known as a fast track. Combine that with a night race, and you’ve got an event that you’ll likely relish every moment of.

If you want sparks, you’ll see them under the lights at Atlanta Motor Speedway!

With even a quick glance at certain parts of the racing surface during the race, it’s not uncommon to see flickers of light as cars bottom-out entering the turns. This is difficult to see during the daytime, but easy to see during a night race! If there’s an accident during the race or a car is limping back to pit road after receiving damage, it’s not unusual to see a shower of sparks as sheet metal drags along the asphalt or crashes into the wall.

But the excitement isn’t limited to the racetrack. If you come to a night race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, there’s no rush to get to your seats early. On Labor Day Weekend, fans have nearly a full day to take in all kinds of activities, including tailgating, interactive activities and driver appearances in the fan zone and souvenir midway, concerts on the fan stage all weekend and the Fast Cars & Guitars Pre-Race Concert Featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd on Sunday!

As the race draws closer, an air of excitement surrounds Atlanta Motor Speedway, as fans hungry for racing after a full day of anticipation eagerly await night racing on a fast track!

We cannot wait to have you with us on Labor Day Weekend. If you have any suggestions of how we can improve your experience on race weekend, please let us know! You can e-mail me at this e-mail address.  

See You At The Track!

Ed Clark

President and General Manager

 Atlanta Motor Speedway