It's not hard these days to get excited about night racing's return to Atlanta Motor Speedway. With one quick look at all that has happened during the past two NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races, there has been no shortage of excitement, both on and off the track. That excitement is largely fueled by one thing - night racing. One of the things that separates night racing from races run during the daytime is the potential for hot tempers among drivers. We've seen it the past two races, first with Ryan Newman and Juan Pablo Montoya and now with Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch. In each instance, we've had moments of high emotion which have given fans plenty to talk about.

Night racing is special. It's the blending of excited fans, fast cars lit up by the lights and sometimes, the unexpected! It's part of what excites us about hosting three nights of NASCAR night racing on Labor Day Weekend, and we hope to see you here!

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