In 2002, Tony Stewart won the Winston Cup championship, four pole positions and three races, including last March¿s MBNA America 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. But is he satisfied? Nope. ¿I wasn¿t happy at all with my performance on track last year,¿ Stewart said. ¿There were a lot of times when I really felt like I let the guys down. Away from the track, it was even worse. Last year was an emotional year, and I let a lot of stuff eat at me for weeks.¿ Stewart acknowledged that his typically blunt personality brought on a lot of the stress of last year, and he committed himself again to try to control his emotions ¿We¿re starting to get better,¿ Stewart said. ¿I don¿t want to stop being honest, I just want to work at keeping things under a little better control.¿ Some of his competitors hope he doesn¿t take this new attitude too far. ¿I don¿t think he should change,¿ four-time Winston Cup champion Jeff Gordon said. ¿So many people tell us not to give the politically correct answer, show us your personality. That¿s what he does. Sometimes it gets him in trouble, but I don¿t think he should change.¿ Maybe he won¿t have to. Stewart was typically honest about his chances of defending his race win in Atlanta when the Winston Cup drivers return for the March 7-9 Atlanta 500 weekend. ¿I haven¿t come anywhere near figuring that place out ¿ I didn¿t win there in the fall, did I?¿ Stewart said. ¿It took me 10 races just to get in the top 10 there ¿ but that wasn¿t for lack of trying. I¿d love to win there again, but I¿d love to win all of them.¿ Can Tony Stewart repeat his race win at Atlanta? Be there to find out during the March 7-9 Atlanta 500 weekend. Great seats are available; call the Atlanta Motor Speedway ticket office at (770) 946-4211 or visit Ticketmaster to get yours today.