Hey race fans! My name is Monkey Wrench, and I'm the most famous (but not the only!) monkey here at Atlanta Motor Speedway. As the official mascot, I get a lot of cool duties, including shaking hands with the NASCAR drivers as they cross the stage for driver intros, playing with the kids who come to our races, participating in charity events and even attending birthday parties of some of our young fans. I'm really looking forward to our next big races -- Thursday Thunder, our weekly summer racing series -- which begins on Thursday, June 5. I love Thursday Thunder because I love to make all the children laugh. OK, I love driving my yellow convertible Legends car around too. I hope you can join me this summer! Until then, brush up on your Monkey Wrench trivia, because you never know when you might be quizzed ... Monkey Wrench AMS employee since 1999 Birthdate: November 19, 1999 Hometown: Tropical paradise Spouse: I¿m still looking! All cute monkey gals can send me an e-mail at monkeywrench@atlantamotorspeedway.com Resides: Tropically decorated grease pit of an undisclosed local garage Hobbies: Hanging from catch fences, doing donuts in banana-yellow convertible Legends car, bringing smiles to kids¿ faces Education: Studying to be a crew chief ¿ not just any monkey can do it Favorite Meal: My mom¿s banana pudding Favorite Movie: George of the Jungle Favorite Band: The Monkees, Bananarama Favorite Color: Banana yellow Favorite Driver: Tony Stewart ¿ cuz he¿s bananas