Chargers driver Matt Hawkins of Canton earned his first two wins of the season during a full evening of double features Thursday at Atlanta Motor Speedway, making up the feature races postponed last week due to rain. Gary Tatum (McDonough) finished second in both Chargers features with Vince Ponder of Brooks taking home third in the week six features and Billy Chapman (Griffin) finishing third in the second set of feature races. Atlanta Dental Team Bandits driver Casey Roderick (Lawrenceville) also took home both feature wins, cementing his points lead. Hunter Robbins (Montgomery, Ala.) and Brett Reidy of Grayson followed him to the checkered flag in both races. Kyle Beattie of Concord, N.C. took his fourth win of the season in the Pace Car Fuel Centers Thunder Roadster division during the make-up feature, while Don Snyder of Knoxville, Tenn., took his first checkered flag in the July 17 race. In the Moore Machinery Movers Young Guns division, Ryan Bowman (Lilburn) took the checkered in the make-up races. Trey Maughan (Fayetteville) finished second and Jonathan Chandler (Fayetteville) came home third. Results for the week 7 Young Guns feature are pending results of a fuel sample test. Sean Cassidy of Martinez took one race in the Pace Car Fuel Centers Outlaw Division, while national Outlaw points leader Jody Pilkenton (Griffin) finished second. The pair switched positions in the second race, sending Pilkenton to Papa John¿s Victory Lane. In the Tanger Outlet Center Masters division, Griffin¿s Mark Wallace won one feature and Skip Nichols of Albany took the checkered in the other. Semi-Pro division competitor Bubba Harry (Griffin) briefly lost his points lead to Jeremy Kalina (Griffin), who won the first race of the night. But Harry came back strong, winning the second race of the evening and retaking the lead for the championship title. In the Pro division, Andy James of Morrow earned the win in the first race, while Doug Stevens of McDonough scored his second win of the season in the second feature. Don¿t miss next week¿s Thursday Thunder, Lawnmower Racing Night presented by Z93. Thursday Thunder is a fun and affordable activity for the whole family. Admission for adults is just $5, children 6-11 are $1, and children 5 and under are free. Gates open at 6 p.m., and the racing action starts immediately. For more information call (770) 946-4211. ATLANTA DENTAL TEAM BANDITS WEEK SIX 1. Casey Roderick (Lawrenceville), 2. Hunter Robbins (Montgomery, Ala.), 3. Brett Reidy (Grayson), 4. Kyle Fowler (Smyrna), 5. Ryan Rudy (Hampton), 6. John William Lee (Hampton), 7. Justin Swilling (Cohutta), 8. Peyton Durflinger (McDonough), 9. Will Allison (Phoenix City, Ala.), 10. Ethan Wimberly (McDonough) WEEK SEVEN 1. Casey Roderick (Lawrenceville), 2. Hunter Robbins (Montgomery, Ala.), 3. Brett Reidy (Grayson), 4. Andrew Brunnert (McDonough), 5. John William Lee (Hampton), 6. Peyton Durflinger (McDonough), 7. Justin Swilling (Cohutta), 8. Ryan Rudy (Hampton), 9. Greg Ippoito, 10. Will Allison (Phoenix City, Ala.), 11. Ches Daniel (Macon), 12. TBA (Texas), 13. Ethan Wimberly (McDonough) CHARGERS WEEK SIX 1. Matt Hawkins (Canton), 2. Gary Tatum (McDonough), 3. Vince Ponder (Brooks), 4. Casey Tate (Locust Grove), 5. Matt Cox (Fayetteville), 6. Mahlon Winstead (Williamson), 7. Mike Chambers (Griffin), 8. Billy Chapman (Griffin), 9. Nathan Perkins (Griffin), 10. Brad Shelnutt (Stockbridge), 11. Tyler Flick (Jasper, In.), 12. Keith Breasbois (Cumming), 13. Rose Ulrich (McDonough), 14. Billy Andrews (Stockbridge), 15. Zach Monette (Alpharetta), 16. Mary Wilson (Norcross), 17. Sean Anderson (Augusta), 18. Adam Akridge (Lilburn), 19. Mike Cobb (Hampton) WEEK SEVEN 1. Matt Hawkins (Canton), 2. Gary Tatum (McDonough), 3. Billy Chapman (Griffin), 4. Brad Shelnutt (Stockbridge), 5. Mary Wilson (Norcross), 6. Casey Tate (Locust Grove), 7. Mike Cobb (Hampton), 8. Mike Chambers (Griffin), 9. Matt Cox (Fayetteville), 10. Billy Andrews (Stockbridge), 11. Nathan Perkins (Griffin), 12. Casey Calloway, 13. Mahlon Winstead (Williamson), 14. Sean Anderson (Augusta), 15. Tyler Flick (Jasper, In.), 16. Rose Ulrich (McDonough), 17. Keith Breasbois (Cumming), 18. Zach Monette (Alpharetta), 19. Vince Ponder (Brooks), 20. Adam Akridge (Lilburn) PRO WEEK SIX 1. Andy James (Morrow), 2. Chris Dilbeck (Hampton), 3. Doug Stevens (McDonough), 4. Doug Ludwig (Fayetteville), 5. Brian Meredith (Locust Grove) WEEK SEVEN 1. Doug Stevens (McDonough), 2. Doug Ludwig (Fayetteville), 3. Chris Dilbeck (Hampton), 4. Brian Meredith (Locust Grove) SEMI-PRO WEEK SIX 1. Jeremy Kalina (Griffin), 2. Doc Lee (Hampton), 3. Scott Hicks (Hampton), 4. Chip Reid (Winston), 5. Myron Guyton (McDonough), 6. Sean Davis (McDonough), 7. Pete Nickell (Marietta), 8. Bubba Harry (Griffin), 9. Peter Horne (Macon), 10. Devan Hall (Leesburg), 11. Kyle Mitchell (Hampton), 12. Joe Zimbric (Stockbridge), 13. Ross Mundy (Conyers), 14. Chris Cable (Griffin) WEEK SEVEN 1. Bubba Harry (Griffin), 2. Jeremy Kalina (Griffin), 3. Peter Horne (Macon), 4. Pete Nichol (Marietta), 5. Scott Hicks (Hampton), 6. Doc Lee (Hampton), 7. Ross Mundy (Conyers), 8. Brett Hedger (Lawrenceville), 9. Joe Zimbric (Stockbridge), 10. Kyle Mitchell (Hampton), 11. Chris Cable (Griffin), 12. Sean Davis (McDonough), 13. Chip Reid (Winston), 14. Devan Hall (Leesburg) MOORE MACHINERY MOVERS YOUNG GUNS WEEK SIX 1. Ryan Bowman (Lilburn), 2. Trey Maughan (Fayetteville), 3. Jonathan Chandler (Fayetteville), 4. Daniel Moore (Griffin), 5. Kyle Kitchens (Woodstock), 6. Chase Moody (Griffin), 7. Jason Magagna (Cumming), 8. Taylor Hull (Winston), 9. Adam Cox (McDonough), 10. Justin South (Mt. Olive, Ala.), 11. John Bolen (Jasper, Ala.), 12. Bre Sharp (Fayetteville), 13. Robert Mowery (Fayetteville), 14. Jacob Grizzle (Blairsville) TANGER OUTLET CENTER MASTERS WEEK SIX 1. Mark Wallace (Griffin), 2. Randy Thornton (Oxford), 3. Dwight Pilgram (Stockbridge), 4. Skip Nichols (Albany), 5. Sam McCullough (Snellville), 6. Rusty Lanier (Concord), 7. Larry Friddle (Greenville, S.C.), 8. Brian Weimer (Cumming), 9. David Wilkerson, 10. Randy Rose (Cartersville), 11. Virgil Brown (Concord), 12. Jim Gresham (Hampton) WEEK SEVEN 1. Skip Nichols (Albany), 2. Sam McCullough (Snellville), 3. Mark Wallace (Griffin), 4. Rusty Lanier (Concord), 5. Dwight Pilgram (Stockbridge), 6. Virgil Brown (Concord), 7. Jim Gresham (Hampton), 8. Larry Friddle (Greenville, S.C.), 9. Randy Rose (Cartersville), 10. Davis Wilkerson, 11. Brian Weimer (Cumming), 12. Randy Thornton (Oxford) PACE CAR FUEL CENTER OUTLAWS WEEK SIX 1. Sean Cassidy (Martinez), 2. Jody Pilkenton (Griffin), 3. L.A. Cox (Hampton), 4. Darrell Banks (Sharpsburg), 5. Alan Baker (Fayetteville) WEEK SEVEN 1. Jody Pilkenton (Griffin), 2. Sean Cassidy (Martinez), 3. Darrell Banks (Sharpsburg) PACE CAR FUEL CENTER ROADSTERS WEEK SIX 1. Kyle Beattie (Concord, N.C.), 2. Jim Gresham (Hampton), 3. Don Snyder (Knoxville, Tenn.) WEEK SEVEN 1. Don Snyder (Knoxville, Tenn.), 2. Kyle Beattie (Concord, N.C.), 3. Jim Gresham (Hampton)