Ford Racing completed the on-track portion of the submission test for the 2004 Ford Taurus Wednesday at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It took only about 10 minutes for driver Dale Jarrett to post a series of laps at the minimum speeds required by NASCAR for submission. The car will now be taken to the Lockheed wind tunnel in Marietta, Ga., to complete the submission test. ¿It went according to plan,¿ said Greg Specht, operations manager for Ford Racing. ¿DJ said the car felt stable and was able to quickly turn the lap times required.¿ Although NASCAR driver Ricky Rudd was originally expected to test the Ford Racing car, he was unavailable due to prior commitments, and Jarrett stepped in to perform the test for Ford. "I can see to where the car has potential when you get it in total race trim,¿ Jarrett said. ¿Something that most of the Fords fight is a little more front downforce, and it seems like this car may have that without creating a lot of drag. And I think that¿s something that we were interested in: Could we make something that was good for us still on the straightaways, but get us through the corners a little bit, too?¿ More testing will be on tap for Atlanta Motor Speedway in the coming months, as drivers prepare for the Oct. 24-26 Georgia 500 weekend.