Ultra Motorsports racer Ted Musgrave and Bobby Hamilton Racing driver Chad Chaffin took turns making laps at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Wednesday, despite the high temperatures that kept speeds down. At times the track temperature reached 132 degrees, slowing the trucks by more than a mile an hour. ¿Bobby ran 31.63 seconds (175.277 mph) yesterday, but once the sun came out today we slowed down,¿ Chaffin said. ¿It¿s just too hot to run that fast.¿ Chaffin tested Bobby Hamilton¿s No. 4 machine while his boss watched from the sidelines. ¿Even with the heat, both teams are running around 31.90 seconds (173.793 mph),¿ Hamilton said. ¿We¿ve come a long way working with these set-ups, and we¿ve learned a lot.¿ After testing on Tuesday and Wednesday, both teams said they felt like they were getting the basics of the chassis set-ups down. The No. 1 Mopar Performance Parts team of Musgrave spent Wednesday making changes they would not be willing to make on race weekend, just to see how they affected the truck¿s handling and speed. Chaffin¿s team was looking for speed in short runs, but they were using their race package of shocks, springs and aerodynamic-changing tape. Chaffin estimated the lap times would drop a half a second if they were to change over to their qualifying set-up. ¿We¿re not looking for sheer speed, not like you would have in qualifying,¿ Chaffin said. ¿But it¿ll be interesting to see how Rick Crawford tests here tomorrow in the 2004 Ford. We¿ll know more about how we stack up after we see his times.¿ Chaffin and Crawford are just two of several Craftsman Truck Series drivers who have said they would like to see their series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. ¿Atlanta definitely puts on the best race of all the mile-and-a-half tracks,¿ Chaffin said. ¿It opens up in a races where the others are still developing and are only really good in one end or the other. With every lap I take here, I want to race here a little more. It¿s a great track to watch a race, and it¿s a fun track to run on, too.¿