Overview of Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 traffic plan

The concept will remain unchanged from the spring race: if you come in from the north, you¿ll leave from the north. If you come in from the south, you¿ll leave from the south.

Below are the specific guidelines that will be followed:


· If you come in from the North (traveling South on Hwy 19/41 thru Jonesboro, traveling West from McDonough Road or traveling West from Hwy 81) you will be directed to parking lots on the North side of the property.

o There will be no right turn off of Hwy 20 onto Hwy 19/41 Northbound (toward the main speedway entrance). All Traffic on Hwy 20 must go straight across to Petty Blvd or go South on Hwy 19/41.

· If you come to the facility from the South (traveling North on Hwy 19/41 from Griffin or traveling West on Hwy 20 or Hampton-Locust Grove Road) you will be directed to parking lots on the South side of the property.

o All Northbound Traffic on Hwy 19/41 from Griffin must either turn left onto Petty Blvd. or turn right onto Hwy 20 (to Hampton).

· Only patrons with reserved parking stickers will be allowed to enter at Gate G and proceed to the parking lots located behind the Champions Grandstand. All other traffic will be directed to parking lots behind Weaver or near the Main tunnel.


Fans will leave the same way they came in. If they entered from the North, they will be directed Northbound on Hwy 19/41. From there, fans can proceed on Hwy 19/41 through Jonesboro to I-75, or they can turn east onto Hwy 81 or McDonough Road. Fans who enter from the South or West you will be directed out on the same roads.

Again this race, fans exiting on Petty Blvd. (south access road for the speedway) will not be allowed to turn left at the intersection and go North on Hwy 19/41. They must proceed east on Hwy 20 or go south on Hwy 19/41 toward Griffin.

Alternate Routes

Local and state authorities are suggesting that race traffic use I-75 South to exits 221 (Jonesboro Road), 218 (Hwy 81), 216 (Hwy 20) and 212 (Locust Grove), in addition to the oft-used Hwy 19/41 (exit 235). Another great alternative, which many race fans took advantage of in March for the spring race, is to take I-75 past all Atlanta Motor Speedway exits to Hwy 16 in Griffin (exit 205), then head north on Hwy 19/41.