Atlanta Motor Speedway will install the new Steel and Foam Energy Reduction (SAFER) barrier walls prior to the Oct. 29-31 Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500, AMS President and General Manager Ed Clark announced today. The speedway's parent company, Speedway Motorsports, Inc. has placed Wes Harris, SMI vice president of development, in charge of the project for all SMI tracks. Exact dates for the installation have yet to be determined, but construction on the steel-and-foam walls is not expected to begin until late summer. The project is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete. The SAFER barrier system is made up of steel tubes and pads of hard foam, which are affixed to a speedway¿s concrete walls to absorb some of the energy that is transferred during a crash. The SAFER wall project began in the fall of 2000 and remains an ongoing safety initiative among NASCAR, the Indy Racing League, Dr. Dean Sicking and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Based on measurements by these engineers, Atlanta Motor Speedway will install approximately 8,000 linear feet of the SAFER barrier, which will cover approximately 75 percent of the speedway¿s outer walls. The SAFER barrier system will be placed outside of all four turns, as well as inside turn 2.