The Crown Royal International Race of Champions (IROC) test drivers spent a second day simulating race conditions at Atlanta Motor Speedway Wednesday, as they take notes to prepare the cars for their Oct. 30 season finale. Test drivers Jim and Jay Sauter, as well as Dave Marcis and current IROC competitors Danny Lasoski and Steve Kinser, spent the majority of the two-day test just ¿getting the cars comfortable.¿ That meant tinkering with the springs and shocks and aerodynamics of the four Pontiac Firebirds they brought to test. ¿We¿re trying to get the cars perfect,¿ said IROC president Jay Signore. ¿With $1 million at stake here in Atlanta, it¿s pretty critical we make sure the cars handle the best they can.¿ The IROC drivers are competing this year for a record purse of $1 million, which will be paid to the champion crowned at the Oct. 30 race in Atlanta. Kevin Harvick and Ryan Newman are currently tied for first with 33 points, while Lasoski and Jimmie Johnson are tied for second with 32 points. ¿Right now we¿re 90 percent at where we need to be,¿ Marcis said. ¿I¿m sure the October weather will be a little different, but at the stage we¿re at right now, it¿ll be easy to adjust for it. I just did a set of 34 laps, and 29 of them were flat-footed, and the times didn¿t vary 1/10 of a second. That¿s good.¿