Justin and Evan Swilling are pretty much like any set of brothers: sometimes they fight, sometimes they get along. But this year, they¿ll be taking their brother act to the track, where they¿ll be competing against each other in the Atlanta Dental Team Bandits division. Justin, 11, has been competing in Thursday Thunder for a year. Evan, 8, just began his rookie campaign. ¿I¿m sure there will be some very nervous moments,¿ said their mother, Kathy Swilling. ¿But overall, it¿s nice to have them involved in the same sport. Other than the pocketbook aspect, this is pretty fun.¿ The ¿pocketbook aspect¿ is the possibility that the Swillings could have to repair two Bandoleros after racing, rather than just one. And with two competitive young sons, that possibility is very real. ¿I want to beat him worse than any of the other guys out there,¿ said Justin, the laid-back, more conservative driver. ¿Yeah, yeah yeah!¿ shouted Evan, the more aggressive driver. ¿I want to beat him!¿ The only advice their parents have given the boys? ¿They tell us not to wreck each other, but to race as hard as we can,¿ Justin Swilling said. ¿That shouldn¿t be as much of a problem for me as for HIM.¿ Ah, brotherly love. FAMILY TIES: Young Guns racer Daniel Moore figures it must have been fate. Moore has been racing in the Thursday Thunder series for two years, driving the No. 21 car. Just recently, his older brother, Dwayne, was hired at Richard Childress Racing to be the front tire carrier for the Busch effort driving by Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer. ¿It¿s pretty cool that he¿s doing that,¿ Daniel Moore said. Even cooler because big brother has been able to take little brother to the track a couple of times, including the Talladega race in April. TONY STEWART CAR TO JOIN THURSDAY THUNDER: Tony Stewart¿s No. 20 orange Legends car was in the garage at last week¿s Thursday Thunder. But that wasn¿t Tony with the car. That was the new owner, Jason Guske of Atlanta. ¿I bought this car 24 hours ago from Tony Stewart,¿ Guske said. ¿And now they¿re trying to talk me into racing it! I was just trying to come out and drop it off, but who knows?¿ Guske ended up not racing, and who can blame him? He hadn¿t even tested the car before buying it and bringing it to AMS. ¿I guess Tony bought it for his crew a couple years ago, but they haven¿t had enough time to actually race it, so he sold it,¿ Guske said. Guske doesn¿t have much experience in Legends cars, but he said he did the Legends ride and drive program, and he¿s also raced late models.