Atlanta Motor Speedway and its employees would like to express heartfelt thanks to all of the generous local businesses and residents who donated goods, services ¿ and even pop-up campers ¿ for the evacuees of Hurricane Frances waiting out the storm at the speedway. Approximately 30 families took advantage of Atlanta Motor Speedway opening its gates for evacuees of Hurricane Frances. But many of them, having to leave their homes so quickly, realized upon their arrival in Hampton that they were without many essential items. Thanks to the generous nature of our local businesses and residents, they didn¿t go without for long. Two families who arrived in their vehicles planning to sleep in small tents were given the use of pop-up campers belonging to nearby residents for the weekend. Everyone benefited from numerous food and drink donations, as well as a puppet show by a local ministry. ¿It just goes to show you that people really are inherently good,¿ said Atlanta Motor Speedway President and General Manager Ed Clark. ¿This was a time of crisis for the folks who evacuated up here, but our local community really helped them through the tough time. It¿s amazing what people can do when they pull together.¿