On Friday Damon Evans, the athletic director at the University of Georgia, was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of racing a car at almost 150 mph in a driving program through the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Never before driving in a stock car or even attending an Atlanta event, Evans was more than anxious to suit-up, strap-in and try his driving skills at the fastest track on the NASCAR circuit. ¿I¿ve always wanted to drive in a stock car.¿ Evans said, ¿So I¿m really excited to be here and get the chance to do this.¿ Evans went through an array of preparation activities including an informational video, a van ride around the track for an up-close look, an in-car information lesson, and a drivers meeting. After suiting up he finally took to the track, piloting a Chevrolet Monte Carlo behind a driving instructor. Evans made 20 trips around Atlanta¿s 1.54 mile quad-oval and recorded his fastest lap at 36.11 sec (149.53 mph). ¿It was really fast and exhilarating.¿ Evans said, ¿You don¿t realize how fast you are going and when I got down into the turn, I felt like I was going to flip over because of the degree of the banking. Overall I think I did pretty well, but the next time I come back I want to go 170 mph.¿ For more information about the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Atlanta Motor Speedway, call 1-800-BE-PETTY, or visit their website at www.1800bepetty.com.