TRUCK CONTENDERS: Ted Musgrave (about racing for the championship): "You're in NASCAR; you're racing against the best in the world. If you win here in whatever division you're doing, and win the championship, it really means a lot - to Dennis and I both. Each of us really want that trophy, we're both running as hard as we can, the teams are working as hard as they can and whatever happens, whatever the racing gods are going to give us is going to happen." Dennis Setzer (had 227-point lead after win at Indianapolis Raceway Park in August, now leads Musgrave by just 54 points): "We've got a great team. It's good to be with this Silverado team. We had our hot streak in the middle part of the season. We built a lead up in about six or eight races. Our team has worked hard all the way through. Unfortunately, we just stumbled up on some of them. It doesn't fall the right for us sometimes. We don't do anything different, it just happens that way. It's been a great year for us. We've won four races - first time in my career I've won four races."