CHILDRESS ANOUNCES CO-PRIMARY SPONSORS FOR NO. 29 CAR: For the 2006 season, Richard Childress Racing has added Hershey’s Reese’s brand candy as a co-primary sponsor with GM Goodwrench for the No. 29 Chevrolet, driven by Kevin Harvick.

The multi-year deal was announced Saturday morning at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The No. 29 car will carrythe GM color scheme for 24 races next year, including the Daytona 500, while the Reese’s colors will run 12 races, including the Brickyard 400.

In addition to sharing the primary sponsorship, the arrangement will try to capitalize on customer loyalty between the auto service company and the candy maker. "We’re really excited about this opportunity," Richard Childress said. "We actually went back and did some programs with Hershey and Goodwrench that were very successful for both companies. We knew it would be a great fit. With the sport going the direction it’s going today, with different companies getting in and doing B-to-B together, it’s just a great opportunity for us. I think that they could set a model for all companies to follow — how to market and how to move forward. I think you’re going to see some very exciting things in the future from both of these companies."

Childress said his team’s association with Goodwrench goes back 20 years, starting as an associate sponsor on Dale Earnhardt’s No. 3 car, then becoming its primary sponsor, since 1988. Hershey has been an associate sponsor for the past four years and has had four different products on RCR cars in that time.

Childress acknowledged the cost of racing is going up, but that the deal also was a good marketing strategy for both sponsors.

"We all know the cost of everything is going up. That’s part of it. Not only that, but it gives two great companies like we have here the op to market and even get more value for their dollar. At the end of the day, these companies have to get a value for their dollar. And with that said, joining both of them together You’ll see promotions with the Goodwrench car and Hershey’s. It just gives a … wider audience for everyone to operate in and I think you’ll see more and more of that.

"We’ve seen results through some of the promotions that we’ve already done with Hershey and Snap-On and RealTree, just to name a few that we’ve had on the Goodwrench car in the past. It’s been so successful. We’re hoping this model will help everyone."

HERSHEY SPONSORS BUSCH RACE AT DAYTONA: Hershey’s newest candy — Kiss-ables — will be on the market in the next couple of weeks and it will be the title sponsor of the Feb. 18, 2006, Busch race at Daytona International Speedway.

Bob Goodpaster, Vice President, Integrated Business Intelligence and Marketing Services for The Hershey Company, made the Saturday at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

"We’re very excited to be using NASCAR as the vehicle to help launch this product," Goodpaster said. "It allows us to take kisses into the single-serving package format and get into the convenience store channel."

A specially painted silver No. 29 Chevrolet with colorful images of the new candy-coated milk chocolate kisses was unveiled and the man who will drive it, Kevin Harvick, was on hand.

"The best part about what I get to do, is I get to try the new candy first," Harvick said. "It’s been a great relationship (with Hershey) and they’ve done a great job promoting us. It’s fun to see a sponsor take your name and likeness and your car and everything you do and take it to another level."

Goodpaster said being a NASCAR sponsor has paid off for Hershey’s.

"This is all about our consumers and fans. We are grateful to our consumers and our fans for their loyalty, especially to our brands. That’s what makes this whole thing work for us."