NASCAR's Car of Tomorrow tested again today at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The one day test featured a car from the Petty Enterprises stable driven by Kyle Petty and NASCAR's representative car, driven by Brett Bodine.

NASCAR first tested the Car of Tomorrow immediately following the October 30 Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway and decided to return today to gather more data.

"We are working on spoiler height today," Gary Nelson, vice president of research and development for NASCAR said. "We started with the tallest spoiler we had, then kept working our way down to the smallest. We are just trying to collect data and get a good baseline."

Nelson said coming back to Atlanta Motor Speedway is important because of the continuity it provides.

"When we test something, we try to change the fewest variables we have to, and the track is a huge variable," Nelson said. "This is a great track to test on and we are very pleased with the information we have gathered here today."

The largest difference drivers will see with the Car of Tomorrow is safety. As engineers have developed new and improved safety systems, NASCAR has implemented what they could in existing cars. The Car of Tomorrow will bring all of the latest safety technology into one package.