The second race of Atlanta Motor Speedway's Winter Flurry season brought a different challenge to the Bandolero, Legends and Roadster competitors. For many races throughout the season, drivers make left-hand turns around the 1?4-mile Thunder Ring on the frontstetch. For today's race, they had to take on the 1.3-mile road course testing their ability to turn right and left.

The Bandolero Bandits was the first feature of the day. Judson Kittle (Watkinsville) started on the pole, but by the first turn, Sean Rayhall (Winston) took over the top spot. On the back portion of the course, Rayhall experienced mechanical problems, turning over the lead to Kyle Plott (Marietta). On lap five, Austin Hill (Winston) passed Plott for the lead. Hill took the checkered flag on lap eight. Hill and Plott advanced to the next feature, competing with Bandolero Young Guns and Bandolero Outlaws in the combined feature.

Chris Siebert (Hampton) was the pole sitter for the combined Young Guns/Outlaws feature. On lap two, Trey Maughan (Knoxville, Tenn.,) took over the point. Maughan mistakenly thought there was a caution on the track, slowed down and fell back to the fourth spot and giving the lead to Kyle Lowry (Covington). On lap four, the leader spun in turn one and giving the lead the Bandolero Bandit feature winner, Hill. The caution came out for Lowry's spin and for the restart, Maughan was behind Hill. Hill held off Maughan and collected the win. Hill does not receive any points for the win, only bragging rights for beating all the Young Guns and Outlaw competitors. Maughan was the highest finishing Outlaw and Siebert was the highest finishing Young Gun.

The Roadsters class took to the track next with Jim Gresham (Stockbridge) on the pole, and on lap one, Ed Clark (Peachtree City) became the race leader. Despite a hard charging Dwight Pilgrim (McDonough), Clark took the victory with Pilgrim's front wheel at his door.

The Legends class was so large, it was split into three heats: C, B, and A. The top four finishers from the C and B heats advanced to the Main feature. The top 12 from the A heat advanced to the Main feature. Drivers outside the top four in C and B and outside the top 12 in A, competed in the Last Chance Qualifier. The top four competitors from the Last Chance Qualifier advanced to the Main feature. After all the heat races and the Last Chance race were completed, 24 drivers qualified for the Main feature.

The Legends C heat started with Stacy Keen (Ashburn) on the pole but Levon Kitchens (Macon) passed for the lead in turn one. Kitchens experienced problems and Chris Schier (Snellville) took the checkered flag. Schier, R. S. Senter (Oakwood), Kitchens, and Brad Shelnutt (Stockbridge) advance to the Main feature.

For the Legends B heat, Billy Fulson (Brooks) started on the pole. On lap one, Max Gresham (Milner) took the lead. On lap two, Cody Haskins (Marietta) passed for the lead and took the eventual checkered flag. In post race inspection, Haskins was disqualified, so fifth place, Johnny Rucker (McDonough) advanced to the Main feature. Advancing to the Main feature were: Gresham, Kevin Eskew (Honeapath, S.C.), Justin Stauffer (Gainesville) and Rucker.

The final heat race was the Legends C with Ronnie Poland Sr. (Cumming) on the point. In the last turn of the first lap, Casey Roderick (Lawrenceville) passed for the lead and he led every lap there after. The top 12 advancing to the Main feature were: Roderick, Doug Stevens (McDonough), Beau Slocumb (Juliette), Chris Cable (Griffin), Kyle Fowler (Smyrna), Casey Tate (Locust Grove), Jeff Haynie (Zebulon), Logan Boyette (Pensacola, Fla.), Ronnie Poland, Jr. (Cumming), Brian Litwiler (Lawrenceville), Brian Weimer (Cumming), and Jeremy Kalina (Griffin).

Sixteen cars started the Last Chance race with Justin Ashley (Honeapath, S.C.) on the pole. On lap two, Cody Haskins (Marietta) jumped to the front. On the last lap, the leader spun out and the following four cars advanced to the Main feature: Ronnie Poland, Sr. (Cumming), Billy Fulson (Brooks), Wade Brewer (Hampton) and David Wilkerson (Midland).

The best of the best lined up for the Main feature consisting of 10 laps. Roderick led the field to the green flag. Stevens took the lead on the first lap and held it until lap six when Tate took over the lead. The two drivers battled hard and on lap nine, Stevens resumed the top spot. On the last lap a wreck occurred involving position two through six. Stevens took the checkered flag and please refer to the listing below for final results.

The third Winter Flurry season race will run on January 7. Stay tuned to for updates.

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1. Austin Hill (Winston), 2. Kyle Plott (Marietta), 3. Joseph Pilato (Pell City, Ala.), 4. Dylan Ames (Harvest, Ala.), 5. Mason Massey (Winston), 6. Matt Dooley (Brooks), 7. Charlie Gresham (Milner), 8. Coleman Moody (Griffin), 9. Judson Kittle (Watkinsville), 10. J.D. Farlow (Grantville), 11. Taylor Bryant (Juliette), 12. Sean Rayhall (Winston).


1. Chris Siebert (Hampton), 2. Zachary Kittle (Watkinsville), 3. Tyler Armstrong (Alpharetta), 4. Kyle Lowry (Covington), 5. Currie Pierce (Griffin), 6. Dustin Cunningham (Madison), 7. James Caldwell (McDonough), 8. Justin Swilling (Cohutta), 9. Jordan Coker (Powder Springs).


1. Trey Maughan (Knoxville, Tenn.), 2. Don Maughan (Knoxville, Tenn.).


1. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 2. Dwight Pilgrim (McDonough), 3. Jim Gresham (Stockbridge), 4. Paige Monette (Alpharetta).


1. Doug Stevens (McDonough), 2. Jeff Haynie (Zebulon), 3. Brian Weimer (Cumming), 4. Kyle Fowler (Smyrna), 5. Logan Boyette (Pensacola, Fla.), 6. Kevin Eskew (Honeapath, S.C.), 7. Ronnie Poland, Sr. (Cumming), 8. Brad Shelnutt (Stockbridge), 9. Johnny Rucker (McDonough), 10. Ronnie Poland, Jr. (Cumming), 11. Brian Litwiler (Lawrenceville), 12. Wade Brewer (Hampton), 13. R. S. Senter (Oakwood), 14. David Wilkerson (Midland), 15. Levon Kitchens (Macon), 16. Chris Schier (Snellville), 17. Max Gresham (Milner), 18. Justin Stauffer (Gainesville), 19. Chris Cable (Griffin), 20. Jeremy Kalina (Griffin), 21. Casey Tate (Locust Grove), 22. Billy Fulson (Brooks), 23. Casey Roderick (Lawrenceville), 24. Beau Slocumb (Juliette).