When he is not selling insurance at his insurance office in Hampton, Ga., Wade Brewer is probably enjoying an outdoor activity with his family, and that activity most likely involves octane.

The 42-year-old University of Georgia graduate and father of three balances dirt bike riding, boating, softball, baseball, football and racing. Regardless of the activity, Brewer makes sure it involves his family.

Brewer admits he has always been somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, but as he has gotten older, finds himself slowing down a little.

"When I was younger and single, I had fast cars, liked to go fast and all that stuff," Brewer said. "But now when we go to the lake I just pretty much drive the boat and pull my kids around on the tube all day."

Another activity the Brewers' enjoy is dirt bike riding. Brewer and his sons have dirt bikes and his wife and daughter ride a four-wheeler.

"We will all go out and ride together when we get the chance," Brewer said. "It is a good family activity we all enjoy. I'll do some of the jumps when we ride, but now I mostly trail ride."

However, Brewer's true passion is racing and he has no intentions of slowing down. Entering his third season of Thursday Thunder, Atlanta Motor Speedway's weekly Legends racing series, Brewer has started the season strong finishing in the top-10 each of the first three weeks. ,p>"At first, I was simply a spectator with my family," Brewer recounted. "After a while, I thought 'it might be fun to do this. I can get out there, go fast and do it legally.' That is how it started."

For three years now, Brewer has been bringing his entire family to Thursday Thunder and his children serve as his "car detail team."

"My kids keep my car looking good," Brewer said laughing. "They keep it cleaned up and waxed. They enjoy it and it is a great atmosphere for them down there in the garage."

After winning a points championship in the 2005 Winter Flurry II series and winning an off- season Legends race at AMS, Brewer is more anxious than ever to snare his first Thursday Thunder win.

An impressive race in week one, where he led the majority of the race until a late caution relegated him to a fourth place finish, has Brewer anxious to get this season of Thursday Thunder rolling. ,p>"At first, I was content just riding around having fun," Brewer said. "Now that's simply not good enough. I want to win races. Until you win a Thursday Thunder race, you are not truly a contender."

Judging from this season's start, Brewer is poised to make a strong run at the Tanger Outlet Center Masters division title.

"I love racing at AMS," Brewer said. "But like anything, Thursday Thunder racing is lot more fun when you are winning and I am ready to start winning and running up front. Winning a championship would be nice, but I really want to win some races." ,p>Fans can watch Brewer try and claim his first Thursday Thunder victory at Atlanta Motor Speedway this summer through August 3. Tickets for Thursday Thunder, Atlanta Motor Speedway's weekly Legends racing series, are available at Gate 13 (frontstretch Champions Grandstand) on event nights. Parking is free. Spectator gates open at 6 p.m. with preliminary action beginning immediately. Feature racing begins at 7 p.m. and concludes by 10:30 p.m.