Papa John's Pizza Red, White and Blue Night at Atlanta Motor Speedway's Thursday Thunder featured Legends, Bandolero and Thunder Roadsters "rocketing" around the track with Georgia's first holiday fireworks show to end the night.

Brennan Poole started on the pole for the Pro feature. Casey Roderick leaned on Poole lap after lap, but was unable to make the pass for the win. In only his second Thursday Thunder start this summer, Poole posted his first win.

The John Deere Roadsters feature started with Paige Monette out front. On lap one, Dwight Pilgram took the lead and put some distance between he and the rest of the field. Pilgram captured his first Thursday Thunder Roadster win.

R.S. Senter paced the field to the green for the McDonough Hospitality and Tourism Chargers feature. No one could challenge Senter for the top spot and he posted his first Thursday Thunder win.

The Zaxby's Young Guns division started with Matt Stover on the point. Austin Hill worked Stover over lap after lap and on the final lap, Hill won by half a car length.

Benny Mingo was the pole sitter for the John Deere Outlaws feature. On lap three, Trey Maughan took over the top spot and took the checkered flag to post his first win of the Thursday Thunder season.

Maxx Bennett brought the Atlanta Dental Team Bandits field to the green flag. On lap one, Ronnie Bassett became the race leader. Bassett pulled away from the field and went unchallenged. He posted his second win this season.

The Back Yard Burgers Semi-Pro feature started with Ryan Gandee as the race leader. Gandee held the lead lap after lap and scored his first win of the Thursday Thunder season.

Pole sitter Clay Hair brought the field to the green flag for the Tanger Outlet Centers Masters feature. Hair was the class of the field, as he was not contested for the win. In only his second Thursday Thunder event this season, Hair is two for two, logging his second win.

Atlanta Motor Speedway's Thursday Thunder will return on July 6 for the sixth of ten weeks of Legends, Bandolero and Thunder Roadster racing. Next week will feature Gresham and Associates Twister night, which will mark the one year anniversary of the tornado that damaged AMS.

To test drive your own Legends machine, or for more information about Legends racing, call Legends of Georgia director Pete Horne at (770) 707-2977 or visit

Pro: ,p>1. Brennan Poole (Houston, TX), 2. Casey Roderick (Lawrenceville), 3. Kyle Fowler (Smyrna), 4. Bubba Harry (Griffin), 5. Chris Cable (Griffin), 6. Brian Meredith (Stockbridge), ATQ - Jeremy Kalina (Griffin).

John Deere Roadsters:

1. Dwight Pilgram (McDonough), 2. Justin Stauffer (Gainesville), 3. Paige Monette (Alpharetta), 4. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 5. Zach Monette (Alpharetta), 6. Jim Gresham (Stockbridge).

McDonough Hospitality and Tourism Chargers:

1. R.S. Senter (Oakwood), 2. Will Hannah (Newnan), 3. Jason Turner (Griffin), 4. Mike Conrad (Cumming), 5. Jeremy Mullinax (Jasper), 6. Ty Dillon (Louisville, NC), 7. Chris Siebert (Hampton), 8. Tyler Ridley (Ballground), 9. Stuart Wilkerson (Columbus), 10. Jai Otwell (Bremen), 11. Fred Miles (Alpharetta), 12. Melissa Wade (Griffin), 13. Steve Fessler (Tyrone).

Zaxby's Young Guns:

1. Austin Hill (Winston), 2. Matthew Stover (Gastonia, N.C.), 3. Daniel Hemric (Kannapolis, NC), 4. Ty Bennett (Loganville), 5. Currie Pierce (Griffin), 6. Robbie Dunlap (Newnan), 7. Blake Eden (Deland, Fla.), 8. Jordan Coker (Powder Springs), 9. Dustyn Cunningham (Madison), 10. Sean McPherson (Acworth), 11. Stan Hammons (Milner), 12. Zac Kittle (Watkinsville), 13. Ty Dillon (Lewisville, N.C.), DQ - Tyler Armstrong (Alpharetta), Taylor Bryant (Juliette).

John Deere Outlaws:

1. Trey Maughan (Knoxville, Tenn.), 2. Jonathan Chandler (Fayetteville), 3. Darrell Banks (Sharpsburg), 4. James Caldwell (McDonough), DQ - Benny Mingo (Kannapolis, NC).

Atlanta Dental Team Bandits:

1. Ronnie Bassett (Winston-Salem, N.C.), 2. Maxx Bennett (Zephyrhills, Fla.), 3. Joseph Pilato (Cropwell, Ala.), 4. Kyle Plott (Marietta), 5. Evan Swilling (Cohutta), 6. Dylan Ames (Harvest, Ala.), 7. Matt Dooley (Brooks), 8. Judson Kittle (Watkinsville), 9. Charlie Gresham (Milner), 10. Jordan Rogers (Thomaston), 11. J.D. Farlow (Grantville), 12. Evan Bell (Buford), 13. Kyle Benjamin (Simpsonville, S.C.), 14. Tyler Pennington (Winston), 15. Chris Achenbach (Douglasville), 16. Scott Hensley (Olive Branch, MS), 17. Mason Massey (Winston), 18. Dillon Bassett (Winston-Salem, N.C.), 19. Tanner Adkinson (Tallahassee, Fla.).

Back Yard Burgers Semi-Pro:

1. Ryan Gandee (McDonough), 2. Paddy Rodenbeck (Odessa, Fla.), 3. Logan Boyett (Pensacola, Fla.), 4. Billy Fulson (Brooks), 5. Taylor Hull (Winston), 6. Kyle Lowrey (Covington), 7. Austin Dillon (Lewisville, N.C.), 8. Trey Ridley (Ball Ground), 9. Chase Moody (Watkinsville), 10. T.J. Halsema (Roswell), 11. Daniel Moore (Griffin), 12. Justin Stauffer (Gainesville), 13. Tyler Chrisinger (Littleton, CO), 14. Jay Cloud (Griffin), 15. Jody Tallant (Cumming), 16. Tina Johnson (Senoia), 17. Eric Cushman (Stockbridge), 18. Max Gresham (Milner), 19. Brad Shelnutt (Stockbridge), 20. Josh Williams (Port Charlotte, Fla.).

Tanger Outlet Center Masters:

1. Clay Hair (Mt. Pleasant, N.C.), 2. Brian Weimer (Cumming.), 3. Dwight Pilgram (McDonough), 4. Skip Nichols (Albany), 5. Sam McCullough (Atlanta), 6. Keith Breasbois (Gainesville), 7. Wade Brewer (Hampton), 8. Johnny Rucker (McDonough), 9. Robert Spence (Atlanta), 10. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 11. David Wilkerson (Columbus), 12. Jimmy Wade (Griffin), 13. Jim Daniel (Thomaston), 14. Bill Henry (Kennesaw).