Week three of Atlanta Motor Speedway's Winter Flurry had competitors testing their right hand turns as well as their left hand turns on the one-mile infield road course. The Bandits division took to the road course for the first feature of the day. Dylan Ames started on the pole and led every lap of the event. The top two finishers, Ames and Kyle Plott, advanced to the combined Young Guns / Outlaws feature. Jordan Coker brought the combined Young Guns / Outlaws class to the green flag. Mike Conrad made a pass to take over the top spot on lap two, however on the next lap he experienced a mechanical failure and turned the lead back over to Coker, who went on to win the race. Ed Clark was on the pole for the Roadster feature. On lap two, Johnny Rucker made a pass for the lead and held on to capture the checkered flag. All four Legends divisions were combined for the road course event. After the qualifying session, cars were split into three heats by their top speed (heats A, B, C). The top four finishers from heats B and C and the top 12 finishers from heat A advanced to the Main event. Some drivers were given another opportunity to get in the Main event through the Last Chance race. In heats B and C, the fifth - 12th place finishers and in heat A, the 13th - 17th place finishers were eligible to compete in the Last Chance race. Only the top four cars of the Last Chance race advanced to the Main event. In total, 24 cars started the Main event of the 54-car field. Corey Parham won heat C, Zach Reardon won heat B, Doug Stevens won heat A, Billy Fulson won the Last Chance race and Doug Stevens was the big winner of the day, scoring the victory in the Main event. Atlanta Motor Speedway's Winter Flurry returns on January 20 for a full slate of Legends, Bandolero and Roadster racing on the infield road course. To test drive your own Legends machine, or for more information about Legends racing, call Legends of Georgia director Pete Horne at (770) 707-2977 or visit www.legendsofga.com. Bandits: 1. Dylan Ames (Harvest, Ala.), 2. Kyle Plott (Marietta), 3. Evan Swilling (Cohutta), 4. Mason Massey (Winston), 5. Evan Bell (Buford), 6. Joseph Pilato (Cropwell, Ala.), 7. Grant Crane (Zebulon), 8. Scott Hensley (Olive Branch, MS), 9. J.D. Farlow (Grantville), 10. Kyle Benjamin (Simpsonville, S.C.), 11. Matt Dooley (Brooks), 12. Davey Matthews (Douglasville), 13. Charlie Gresham (Milner), 14. Layne Clifton (Seymour, Tenn.). Young Guns/Outlaws: 1. Jordan Coker (Powder Springs), 2. Will Prance (Canton), 3. Blake Eden (Deland, Fla.), 4. Trey Maughan (Knoxville, Tenn.), 5. BANDIT - Kyle Plott, 6. James Caldwell (McDonough), 7. Dustyn Cunningham (Madison), 8. Ty Bennett (Loganville), 9. Joey Keyser (Phenix City, Ala.)10. Darrell Banks (Sharpsburg), 11. Judson Kittle (Watkinsville), 12. Sean Cassidy (Alpharetta), 13. Amber Colvin (Tallahassee, Fla.), 14. Jordan Rogers (Thomaston), 15. Kayla Medley (Alpharetta), 16. Rawlin West (Locust Grove), 17. BANDIT - Dylan Ames, 18. Thomas Quattlebaum (Newnan), 19. Mike Conrad (Cumming), 20. Sean McPherson (Acworth). Roadsters: 1. Johnny Rucker (McDonough), 2. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 3. Jim Gresham (Stockbridge), 4. Paige Monette (Alpharetta). Heat C: 1. Corey Parham (Elberton), 2. Jeremy Parris (Lawrenceville), 3. Zac Kittle (Watkinsville), 4. Jeremy Mullinax (Jasper), 5. Fred Miles (Alpharetta), 6. Jai Otwell (Bremen), 7. Ron Ridgon (Lawrenceville), 8. Chris Siebert (Hampton), 9. Currie Pierce (Griffin), 10. Melissa Wade (Griffin), 11. John May (Dothan, Ala.), 12. Chris Bowie (Douglasville), 13. Alexander Fox (Hog Mountain), 14. Jimmy Wade (Griffin), 15. Keeton Hanks (Auburn, KY), 16. Robert Wilson, Jr. (Bethlehem), 17. Michael Raboud (Norcross), 18. Clay Apple (Newnan), 19. Jody Tallent (Cumming), 20. Shane Werner (McDonough). Heat B: 1. Zach Reardon (Buford), 2. L.J. Klemmons (Griffin), 3. T.J. Halsema (Roswell), 4. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 5. Billy Fulson (Brooks), 6. Wade Brewer (Hampton), 7. Donald McIntosh (Dawsonville), 8. Bill Henry (Kennesaw), 9. Kyle Lowry (Covington), 10. Will Hannah (Newnan), 11. Justin Swilling (Cohutta), 12. Jay Cloud (Lexington, KY), 13. Frank Johnston (Kemptville, Ontario, Canada), 14. Tony Woodall (Marietta), 15. Jason Turner (Griffin), 16. Jim Daniel (Thomaston), 17. Bobby Fox (Hog Mountain). Heat A: 1. Doug Stevens (McDonough), 2. Casey Roderick (Lawrenceville), 3. Jeremy Kalina (Griffin), 4. Jeff Haynie (Zebulon), 5. Chris Cable (Griffin), 6. Daniel Moore (Griffin), 7. Beau Slocumb (Juliette), 8. Dwight Pilgram (McDonough), 9. Taylor Hull (Winston), 10, Cody Haskins (Marietta), 11. Brad Shelnutt (Stockbridge), 12. Max Gresham (Milner), 13. R.S. Senter (Oakwood), 14. Logan Boyett (Pensacola, Fla.), 15. Casey Elliott, 16. Austin Hill (Winston), 17. Brian Weimer (Cumming). Last Chance: 1. Billy Fulson (Brooks), 2. R.S. Senter (Oakwood), 3. Kyle Lowry (Covington), 4. Donald McIntosh (Dawsonville), 5. Justin Swilling (Cohutta), 6. Will Hannah (Newnan), 7. Austin Hill (Winston), 8. Jay Cloud (Lexington, KY), 9. Currie Pierce (Griffin), 10. Chris Siebert (Hampton), 11. John May (Dothan, Ala.), 12. Melissa Wade (Griffin),13. Chris Bowie (Douglasville), 14. Fred Miles (Alpharetta), 15. Bill Henry (Kennesaw). Main Event: 1. Doug Stevens (McDonough), 2. Casey Roderick (Lawrenceville), 3. Jeff Haynie (Zebulon), 4. Max Gresham (Milner), 5. Cody Haskins (Marietta), 6. Brad Shelnutt (Stockbridge), 7. Dwight Pilgram (McDonough), 8. Daniel Moore (Griffin), 9. T.J. Halsema (Roswell), 10. R.S. Senter (Oakwood), 11. Kyle Lowry (Covington), 12. Jeremy Parris (Lawrenceville), 13. Jeremy Mullinax (Jasper), 14. Corey Parham (Elberton), 15. L.J. Klemmons (Griffin), 16. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 17. Zac Kittle (Watkinsville), 18. Jeremy Kalina (Griffin), 19. Donald McIntosh (Dawsonville), 20. Beau Slocumb (Juliette), 21. Chris Cable (Griffin), 22. Billy Fulson (Brooks), 23. Zach Reardon (Buford), 24. Taylor Hull (Winston).