After two Thursday Thunder and Winter Flurry seasons in a Bandolero, father - son team Dwight and Currie Pierce have made the leap to Legends cars and are already experiencing success.

In just three starts in a Legends car on the Thunder Ring, Atlanta Motor Speedway's frontstretch quarter-mile oval, the Pierce's have managed to finisher higher in those races than they did in 30 starts at AMS in a Bandolero.

The pair, who resides in Griffin, Ga., garnered nine top-10 finishes, with a best of third in the Bandolero, but has already recorded three runner-up finishes in the Curry's Collision Center Chargers Division.  

The younger Pierce, who serves as the wheelman for the Legends car, attributes the early success to several things and among them is his father.

"I credit both God and my father for the strong start to the season this year," Currie said. "Both of them have been instrumental in my entire racing career. My father is my number-one supporter and is there for me and with me every step of the way, no matter what happens on the track."

Currie recalled his first race in a Bandolero when he backed the car into the wall, causing heavy damage.

"I was pretty upset about wrecking the car in my first race," Currie remembered. "After we loaded the car, dad took me to get pizza. We celebrated regardless of the outcome of the race and it's those moments that are my fondest racing memories... us just being together."

Curries adoration and respect for his father are obvious and the elder Pierce's love for his son is just as apparent.

"I will be proud of Currie no-matter-what," Dwight said smiling. "I want Currie to be the best at whatever he does and I'll do anything I can to help him out and support him.

"Racing has brought us closer together and it is the time we spend working in the garage getting the cars ready to go that I cherish the most."

So far in the 10th season of Thursday Thunder, the Pierce's find themselves leading the point standings in the Chargers Division, a division the family business, Curry's Collision Center in Griffin, Ga., sponsors. While Currie may attribute a large portion of his success to his father, his motorsports background certainly hasn't hurt.

"I started racing moto-cross when I was 5-years-old," Currie said. "My father got me into it and it has really helped me make the transition from the Bandolero to a Legends car.

"Being able to shift gears quickly on a Legends car is very important and racing dirt bikes has made the switch to the Legends car easier."

For now, the 15-year-old Pierce is content participating in Thursday Thunder and spending his summer working at Curry's Collision Center, alongside his father, but he also realizes his current decisions are shaping his future.

"I want to do what God wants me to do and right now, I'm not exactly sure what that is," Currie said. "I would love to race a car or just work in the motorsports industry one day, but I have also thought about being a preacher."

Regardless of Currie's career choices, it is his can-do attitude and a family motto passed down from his grandfather, he tries to instill in his life.

"My father always tells me ‘If it can be done, I can do it' and that is what I try and live by," Currie said. "It is because of God and my father that I am doing what I am."

"Having great fans and sponsors like B&L Automotive and Curry's Collision Center certainly doesn't hurt either," Currie said laughing.

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