A boatload of swim suits, campfires, super-soaker water guns, hot dogs, marshmallows, fishing rods and a pool could all be found at tonight's "Camp Counselor Classic" during Atlanta Motor Speedway's 10th Anniversary season of Thursday Thunder. Local camp counselors competed in a match race in camp-decorated junker cars, with the victor taking home a camping tent, courtesy of Bass Pro Shops.

The five camp counselors from Fortson 4-H, Harp Crossing and McDonough Road Church camps ran a five-lap race all eager to be tonight's honor camper. The counselors left their good behavior back at the camps, beating and banging, and spinning each other out, with Jeremy Chaney from Fortson 4-H the victor.

A random draw after the heat races inverted the top six qualifiers in each division for the feature event and the division points leader was relegated to a fifth row start.

Jake Armstrong led the field to the green for the combined Greencastle Dental Young Guns and Morely Company Outlaws feature. On lap three, Armstrong was involved in an accident in turn three, turning the lead over to Ronnie Bassett Jr. Bassett was able to fend off his competitors until lap 14, when Blake Eden took over the top spot. Eden completed the final six circuits to score his second win of the season. 

The Tanger Outlet Center Masters feature began with Skip Nichols out front. Dwight Pilgram and Jeff Haynie edged closer and closer to Nichols, but were unable to get to his bumper, sending Nichols to victory lane the first time this season.   

Ryan Gandee was the pole sitter for the Adrenalin Powersports Pro feature. He didn't stay there long, as Max Gresham passed him on the outside to become the race leader. Points leader Casey Roderick had to start from the last position and by lap 14, had moved up to second place, right on Gresham's bumper. Gresham, hungry for a win, held off Roderick to snare the win.  

The Fuddrucker's Semi-Pro feature started with Kyle Lowry on the point. Track position proved to be the key for the race, as Lowry had a commanding lead the entire race and logged his first win of the summer.

J.D. Farlow paced the field to the green flag for the Zaxby's Bandits feature, but by lap two, Davey Matthews weaved his way through traffic to take over the top spot. Despite a challenge by Evan Bell, Matthews stretched out his lead to capture his second win of the season. 

The Curry's Collision Center Chargers feature got underway with Judson Kittle as the leader. On lap six, Alex Roberts moved around Kittle for the lead, jumping five-car lengths ahead.  The leaders got bottled-up in lap traffic, allowing second-place Tyler Armstrong to maneuver his way to the front with three laps to go. In the end, Armstrong was awarded his second 2007 Thursday Thunder trophy.

The final feature of the evening to run was the Back Yard Burgers Roadsters division with the only female in the field, Paige Monette, on the pole. Ed Clark made his way to the front and put some distance between he and the rest of the field.  Lap after lap, Jim Gresham edged his way to the bumper of Clark, eventually taking over the top spot and the grabbing the win.      

Atlanta Motor Speedway's Thursday Thunder will return on Wednesday, July 4 for a special Wednesday night patriotic edition of Legends, Bandolero and Thunder Roadster racing. Next week will feature the Papa John's Red White and Blue Night where fans will be treated to a post-race fireworks extravaganza, the biggest in the history of Thursday Thunder.    

To test drive your own Legends machine, or for more information about Legends racing, call Legends of Georgia director Pete Horne at (770) 707-2977 or visit www.legendsofga.com.

Greencastle Dental Young Guns:

1. Blake Eden (Deland, Fla.), 2. Ronnie Bassett (Winston-Salem, N.C.), 3. Dustyn Cunningham (Madison), 4. Scott Hensley (Olive Branch, MS), 5. Bryce Walker (Wetherford, TX), 6. Joseph Pilato (Cropwell, Ala.), 7. Kenzie Ruston (El Reno, OK), 8. Rawlin West (Locust Grove), 9. Shawn Wortham (Woodstock), 10. Dallan Wortham (Woodstock), 11. Will Prance (Canton), 12. Jake Armstrong (Fayetteville), 13. Rasia Nadjkovic (Griffin), 14. Jordan Rogers (Thomaston), 15. Jordan Coker (Powder Springs), 16. Bret Harden (Acworth).

Morley Company Outlaws:

1. Steven "Diggie" Bush (Seale, Ala.)

Tanger Outlet Center Masters:

1. Skip Nichols (Albany), 2. Jeff Haynie (Zebulon), 3. Dwight Pilgram (Stockbridge), 4. Brian Weimer (Cumming), 5. Robert Spence (Atlanta), 6. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 7. Michael Verhaugh (Ft. Myers, Fla.), 8. Bill Henry (Kennesaw), 9. Jim Daniel (Thomaston), 10. Virgil Brown (Concord), 11. Wade Brewer (Hampton), 12. David Wilkerson (Midland), 13. Jimmy Wade (Griffin).

Adrenalin Powersports Pro:

1. Max Gresham (Milner), 2. Casey Roderick (Lawrenceville), 3. Taylor Hull (Winston), 4. Jeremy Kalina (Williamson), 5. Andrew Smith (Pooler), 6. Rowan Carey (Snohomish, WA), 7. Nick Carey (Snohomish, WA), 8. Ryan Gandee (McDonough), 9. Billy Fulson (Brooks), 10. Ted Studley (Niceville, Fla.).

Fuddrucker's Semi-Pro:

1. Kyle Lowry (Covington), Zac Kittle (Watkinsville), 3. Justin Swilling (Cohutta), 4. Brad Shelnutt (Stockbridge), 5. Matt Stover (Gastonia, N.C.), 6. Daniel Moore (Griffin), 7. Chase Moody (Griffin), 8. Jeremy Mullinax (Jasper), 9. Trey Poole (Pine Mountain), 10. Tina Johnson (Senoia), 11. Cody Haskins (Marietta), 12. Dustyn Davis (Swainsboro), 13. Dylan Ames (Huntsville, Ala.), 14. Austin Hill (Winston), 15. T.J. Halsema (Roswell), 16. Jonathan Chandler (Fayetteville), 17. Eric Cushman (Stockbridge), 18. Corey Smith (Richmond, KY), 19. Ross Mundy (Oxford), 20. Jay Cloud (Lancaster, KY).


1. Davey Matthews (Douglasville), 2. Evan Swilling (Cohutta), 3. Evan Bell (Buford), 4. Kyle Plott (Marietta), 5. Bayley Currey (Driftwood, Texas), 6. Justin Thomas (Woodstock), 7. Mason Massey (Winston), 8. Kyle Benjamin (Simpsonville, S.C.), 9. Dillon Bassett (Winston-Salem, N.C.), 10. Grant Crane (Zebulon), 11. Chase Elliott (Blairsville), 12. Matt Dooley (Brooks), 13. J.D. Farlow (Grantville), 14. Jacob Wallace (Griffin), 15. Brady Boswell (Watkinsville), 16. Alex Coffey (McDonough), 17. Charlie Gresham (Milner).

Curry's Collision Center Chargers:

1. Tyler Armstrong (Fayetteville), 2. Alex Roberts (Monroe), 3. Judson Kittle (Watkinsville), 4. Jai Otwell (Bremen), 5. Melissa Wade (Griffin), 6. P.J. Alexander (McDonough), 7. Leslie Cash (Brooks), 8. Fred Miles (Alpharetta), 9. Mike Weed (Franklin), 10. Chris Bowie (Douglasville), 11. Carl Chapman (Norwood), 12. Will Prance (Canton), 13. Currie Pierce (Griffin), ATQ - Stuart Wilkerson (Midland).

Back Yard Burgers Roadsters:

1. Jim Gresham (Stockbridge), 2. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 3. Dwight Pilgram (McDonough), 4. Johnny Rucker (McDonough), 5. Brian Weimer (Cumming), 6. Justin Long (Haslet, Texas), 7. Paige Monette (Alpharetta).