Atlanta Motor Speedway president and general manager Ed Clark went back to school today. He read to third grade students at Luella Elementary school as part of a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new NASCAR racing section in the media center.

Clark, the son of a teacher, read "R is for Race: A Stock Car Alphabet," to the students and participated in the ceremony, enabling students to check-out the racing-related books from library for the first time.

"When I was growing up, I loved to read and I still do," Clark said. "Unfortunately, we didn't have that many books about the racing industry but, these students are lucky to have an entire section of their media center devoted to books directly related to racing."

Luella Elementary school principal Dr. Lois Wolfe understands the importance reading plays in the development of a child and could think of no better way to open the new racing section than with Clark cutting the ribbon.

"At Luella Elementary school and around the world, reading is critical to a child's development so we do everything we can to get kids excited about reading," Dr. Wolfe said. "Any time we can create that excitement and tie it into our community, it becomes real-world for the students. Having Ed Clark from Atlanta Motor Speedway was the perfect way to do it."

Eight-year-old third grade student Gimmetrye Gibbs from Hampton, Ga. was anxious to be one of the first students to check out a book from the new racing section.

"I want to be the first one in line to borrow one of the new books," Gibbs said. "I can't wait to take it home and read it to my little brother."