Round two of the fifth season of Winter Flurry, Atlanta Motor Speedway's winter Legends, Thunder Roadster and Bandolero racing series, took to the track on Friday evening, Dec. 14. Competitors were eager to test AMS' "Thunder Ring" as the turns were recently re-sealed, providing more grip and faster speeds.  

Bubba Harry started the Thunder Roadster feature from the pole with ESPN analyst and former NASCAR crew chief Andy Petree hot on his heels. Harry's consistent lap times allowed him to jump ahead of the field and capture his second consecutive Roadster win.

The Bandolero Bandits feature began with Mason Massey out front. Kyle Benjamin stayed glued to Massey's bumper the entire race, but was unable to make the pass for the win. 

The Bandolero Outlaws and Young Guns ran in a combined feature with Chase Elliott on the point. Elliott was the class of the field leading every lap to post his second win in a row.

Randy Thornton led the Masters field to the green flag. On lap three, Jeff Haynie got to Thornton's inside in turn two to make the pass for the lead. In the same turn on lap 15, Thornton duplicated Haynie's move to resume the lead. Two laps later, Haynie made the identical pass to once again become the leader and the eventual race winner.

The Chargers feature started with Judson Kittle as the pole sitter. Kittle had a strong showing, leading every lap and taking the checkered flag with a five car-length lead.   

R.S. Senter paced the field to the green flag for the Semi-Pro feature. On lap two, Zac Kittle made the pass for the top spot. Kittle took advantage of the great track position to pull away from the field and claim the win.  

The Pro feature closed the show with Trey Poole on the pole. Billy Fulson tapped Poole's back bumper in turn three on lap two, causing Poole to spin with Fulson taking over the lead.  Fulson led the remaining laps to score the victory.

The Winter Flurry Series continues on January 5 for a full slate of Legends, Bandolero and Roadster racing on AMS' infield road course.

To test drive your own Legends machine, or for more information about Legends racing, call Legends of Georgia director Pete Horne at (770) 707-2977 or visit

Week 2 Results:


1. Bubba Harry, 2. Andy Petree, 3. Ed Clark, 4. Justin Petree.  


1. Mason Massey, 2. Kyle Benjamin, 3. Kyle Plott, 4. Matt Dooley, 5. Jacob Wallace, 6. Will Martin, 7. Alex Coffey, 8. Matthew Johnson, 9. Nick Hazelwood, 10. Charlie Gresham, 11. Brady Boswell, 12. Kason Plott, ATQ - Evan Bell, DQ - Justin Thomas.


1. Trey Maughan, 2. Darrel Banks.

Young Guns:

1. Chase Elliott, 2. Joseph Pilato, 3. Dustyn Cunningham, 4. Shawn Wortham, 5. Luke Behnke, 6. Jordan Rogers, 7. Jake Armstrong, 8. Cody Garland, 9. Garrett Smithley.


1. Jeff Haynie, 2. Randy Thornton, 3. Ed Clark, 4. Bill Henry, 5. Virgil Brown, 6. Brad Shelnutt, 7. Steve Fessler, 8. Bill Henry, 9. David Wilkerson, 10. Bobby Fox.


1. Judson Kittle, 2. Scott Hensley, 3. Davey Matthews, 4. Rawlin West, 5. Rick Geddes, 6. Evan Swilling, 7. Mary Wilson, 8. Chris Bowie, 9. Mike Weed, 10. Stuart Wilkerson.


1. Zac Kittle, 2. Austin Hill, 3. Justin Swilling, 4. R.S. Senter, 5. Tyler Armstrong, 6. T.J. Halsema, 7. Chris Seibert, 8. Dylan Ames, 9. Currie Pierce, 10. Alexander Fox, 11. Donald McIntosh, 12. Carl Chapman, 13. Will Prance.


1. Billy Fulson, 2. Scott Mosley, 3. Taylor Hull, 4. Trey Poole, 5. Eric Simpson, 6. Spencer Mosley.