The third round Atlanta Motor Speedway's Winter Flurry Racing Series hit the high-speed one-mile infield road course for the first time in 2008, allowing competitors to test their right and left-hand turns.

The Bandolero Bandits were the first feature race of the day, with Kyle Plott on the pole. Plott and Evan Bell raced their way into the first-turn chicane with Bell eventually tucking behind Plott for the first lap. Matt Dooley grabbed the lead early on lap one, but Plott was eventually able to re-take the lead, thanks in part to a late race caution, and went on to claim the victory.

Chase Elliott paced the combined Young Guns and Outlaws field to the green flag for the eight-lap feature race. Elliott charged out to a sizeable lead, but Dustyn Cunningham methodically tracked Elliott, narrowing the margin. Despite Cunningham's best efforts, Elliott was able to hang on for the win, his first career Winter Flurry Series victory.

ESPN race analyst and former NASCAR crew chief Andy Petree led Brian Weimer and the rest of the Thunder Roadster starting field to the first turn of the road course for the third feature race of the day. Weimer challenged Petree, eventually snaring the lead from him and held the lead for two laps. Petree would re-claim the lead on lap two, bumping Weimer in the final turn. Bubba Harry took the lead on the sixth lap with a daring move to the inside of Petree and eventually captured the checkered flag.

For road course events, all Legends divisions are combined with the race line-ups determined by practice speeds.      

The C-Main Legends event rolled off the grid with the top-four finishers advancing to the feature race and the remainder going to the Last Chance Qualifier. Rick Geddes sat on the pole for the C-Main with Alexander Fox on the outside pole. It didn't take long for Fox to claim the top spot, leading Geddes and the rest of the field to the second lap. Brian Weimer raced his way to the top spot on lap three and despite a late race caution, held on to win with Clay Young, Alex Fox and Rick Geddes advancing as well. 

Ed Clark found himself on the pole for the B-Main Legends event, with veteran Skip Nichols on the outside pole. Clark and Nichols drag raced into Turn One, with Nichols earning the top-spot. Dylan Ames raced his way through the field but could never catch Nichols, who advanced to the feature race, bringing Ames, Chris Siebert and Tyler Millwood with him. The rest of the field was relegated to the Last Chance Qualifier.

For the Legends A-Main event, Casey Roderick led the field to the green flag, flanked by Trey Poole. Roderick jumped to the early lead and never looked back, leading every lap. Poole finished second, with Jeff Haynie pushing him across the line.

Fourteen cars were on the grid for the Last Chance Qualifier with everyone fighting for one of four coveted transfer spots. Phillip Young sat on the point for the Last Chance Qualifier with Bill Henry on the outside. Three cars tangled on lap one entering the esses, resulting in a caution. Bill Henry, Joel Conely, Jim Daniel and Tommy Chapman all advanced to the Legends Feature race.

The road course was packed as twenty-six cars rolled off the grid for the Legends Feature Race. All cars were inverted for the final event, resulting in several cars charging from the back of the pack. Rick Geddes and Joel Conely led the field to the green but a melee ensued on lap one, resulting in a re-start.

With the precision of a surgeon's scalpel, Jeff Haynie and Casey Roderick sliced their way to the front, with Roderick eventually taking the top spot from Haynie. Roderick would go on to grab the victory.

The Winter Flurry Series continues on Jan. 19 for a full slate of Legends, Bandolero and Roadster racing.

To test drive your own Legends machine, or for more information about Legends racing, call Legends of Georgia director Pete Horne at (770) 707-2977 or visit

Week 3 Results:

Young Guns / Outlaws:

1. Chase Elliott, 2. Dustyn Cunningham, 3. Joseph Pilato, 4. Jake Armstrong, 5. Jordan Rogers, 6. Cody Garland, 7. Trey Maughan, 8. Mason Massey, 9. Garrett Smithly, 10. Luke Behnke, 11. Bret Hardin, 12. Jonathan Lybrand, 13. Kyle Plott.


1. Evan Bell, 2. Will Martin, 3. Mason Massey, 4. Kyle Benjamin, 5. Kason Plott, 6. Brady Boswell, 7. Justin Thomas, 8. Charlie Gresham, 9. Matt Dooley, 10. Kyle Plott.


1. Bubba Harry, 2. Andy Petree, 3. Brian Weimer, 4. Skip Nichols, 5. Ed Clark, 6. Justin Petree. 


1. Brian Weimer, 2. Clay Young, 3. Alex Fox, 4. Rick Geddes, 5. Phillip Young, 6.Chris Bowie, 7. Carl Chapman, 8. Mike Weed, 9. John King, 10. Bobby Fox.


1. Skip Nichols, 2. Chris Siebert, 3. Dylan Ames, 4. Tyler Millwood, 5. Chase Moody, 6. Bill Henry, 7. Joel Conely, 8. Kyle Shields, 9. Evan Swilling, 10. Jim Daniel, 11. Rawlin West, 12. David Wilkerson, 13. David Wilkerson, 14. Stuart Wilkerson, 15. Ed Clark.


1. Casey Roderick, 2. Trey Poole, 3. Jeff Haynie, 4. Justin Swilling, 5. Billy Fulson, 6. Austin Hill, 7. Currie Pierce, 8. RS Senter, 9. Donald Mcintosh, 10. Brad Shelnutt,    11. Will Prance, 12. Bubba Harry.

Last Chance Qualifier:

1. Bill Henry, 2. Joel Conely, 3. Jim Daniel, 4. Carl Chapman, 5. Ed Clark, 6. Stuart Wilkerson, 7. Rawlin West, 8. Kyle Shields, 9. David Wilkerson, 10. Chris Bowie, 11. David Wilkerson, 12. Bobby Fox, 13. Chase Moody, 14. Phillip Young, 15. Evan Swilling.

Main Event:

1. Casey Roderick, 2. Jeff Haynie, 3. Trey Poole, 4. Bubba Harry, 5. Austin Hill, 6. Justin Swilling, 7. Donald Mcintosh, 8. Dylan Ames, 9. Brad Shelnutt, 10. Tyler Millwood, 11. Brian Weimer, 12. Skip Nichols, 13. Bill Henry, 14. Rawlin West, 15. Will Prance, 16. Jim Daniel, 17. Carl Chapman, 18. Ed Clark, 19. Clay Young, 20. Joel Conely, 21. Rick Geddes, 22. Currie Pierce, 23. Alex Fox, 24. RS Senter, 25. Chris Siebert.