Atlanta Motor Speedway's Thursday Thunder Week 8 Results

Georgia Power Night fires up Thriller Jet Car Showcase

Georgia Power night at Atlanta Motor Speedway's Thursday Thunder was full of energy as fans were enthralled to watch Dick Rosberg pilot his Thriller Viper Jet Car down AMS' eighth-mile drag strip at speeds over 250 mph.

The state-of-the-art jet car is powered by a General Electric J-85 jet engine equipped with a military afterburner. Producing over 6,000 pounds of thrust - the equivalent of 12,000 horsepower - the Thriller Viper is capable of exceeding 350 mph.

The Charter Communications Pro feature began with Tina Johnson leading the way. In turn three, Matt Stover dove to the inside of Johnson to take over the top spot. Stover jumped ahead of the pack, but not for long, as Casey Roderick closed the gap lap after lap. By the halfway mark, Roderick was on Stover's rear bumper. On lap 10, Roderick made the pass on the inside to become the leader. Roderick logged his fourth win in only his sixth start this Thursday Thunder season.

Skip Nichols paced the field to the green for the Roadsters feature. Bubba Harry passed Nichols on lap 16 and one lap later, Nichols made the crossover move to reclaim the lead. On the last lap in the last turn, Harry turned Nichols allowing Taylor Hull to take the checkered flag. Harry was black-flagged by race officials for the on track incident, relegating him to a fifth-place finish.  

The Pep Boys Auto Semi-Pro feature launched with Dylan Ames on the point. A mid-race caution bunched the field and a few laps after the green flag, Jonathan Chandler made the pass for the lead to claim his first win of the summer.

Madeline Crane was the pole sitter for the Greencastle Dental Bandits feature. Kason Plott led the first lap, but Brady Boswell made the pass for the lead the very next lap. With two laps to go, Kyle Benjamin took over the top spot and posted the eventual win. Due to post-race inspection issues with Plott's car, the results are not official for the Greencastle Dental Bandits class.

The Young Guns and Outlaws classes ran in a combined feature with Jordan Rogers out front. Will Martin sailed ahead to become the race leader. Martin and Justin Thomas put on a great show, racing door-to-door and swapping the lead several times with Thomas the victor. Due to post-race inspection issues with Thomas' car, the results are not official for the Young Guns class.

Jim Daniel paced the field to the start for the Masters feature. Wade Brewer led the first lap, but soon after Skip Nichols raced his way to the front. At the halfway mark, Jeff Haynie passed Nichols and pulled ahead of the field. Haynie went on to score his fourth win of the season.

The Chargers feature got underway with Chris Bowie out front before Amber Colvin made the pass for the lead on the outside. The race was a caution-filled event and the longest of the night. Colvin led every lap and on the final restart of the race, Colvin's car did not come up to speed, causing a multi-car wreck on the fronstretch followed by a race-ending caution. Deriving the finishing order from the last scored lap, Jordan Coker garnered the race win.

Atlanta Motor Speedway introduced the Promoter's Choice races for the 2008 Thursday Thunder season. The Promoter's Choice race showcases competitors who have yet to win a heat or feature race during the Thursday Thunder season.

For the Bandolero Promoter's Choice race, Madeline Crane was on the pole. Dallan Wortham led lap one and Alex Coffey took over on lap two, leading the remainder of the circuits to capture his first Thursday Thunder win.    

Mark Abercrombie was the pole sitter for the Legends Promoter's Choice race. On the final lap, Kenzie Ruston dove to the inside of Abercrombie to steal the win.

Atlanta Motor Speedway's Thursday Thunder will return on July 31 for the penultimate round of Legends, Bandolero and Thunder Roadster racing featuring Clover Ranch Communities Mullet Mania night with a "Kids' Bike and Trike" intermission race. Children can bring any battery-operated power wheels, tricycles or big wheels to compete. For more information, visit

To test drive your own Legends machine, or for more information about Legends racing, call Legends of Georgia director Peter Horne III at (770) 707-2977 or visit

Week 8 Results:

Charter Communications Pro:

1. Casey Roderick (Lawrenceville), 2. Kyle Lowry (Covington), 3. Billy Fulson (Brooks), 4. Matt Stover (Gastonia, N.C.), 5. Will Prance (Canton), 6. Tina Johnson (Senoia), 7. Trey Poole (Ball Ground), 8. Chris Dilbeck (Hampton), 9. Spencer Mosley (McDonough).


1. Taylor Hull (Winston), 2. Brian Meredith (Locust Grove), 3. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 4. Skip Nichols (Albany), 5. Bubba Harry (Griffin), ATQ - Brian Weimer (Cumming) and Jim Gresham (Stockbridge).

Pep Boys Auto Semi-Pro:

1. Jonathan Chandler (Fayetteville), 2. Dylan Ames (Harvest, Ala.), 3. Bryce Walker (Weatherford, Texas), 4. Austin Hill (Winston), 5. Currie Pierce (Griffin), 6. Chase Elliott (Dawsonville), 7. Tyler Armstrong (Fayetteville), 8. Kyle Plott (Marietta), 9. Zach Weaver (Columbus), 10. Mike Weed (Franklin), 11. Kenzie Ruston (El Reno, Okla.). 12. Carl Chapman (Barnett), 13. Davey Matthews (Douglasville), 14. Chase Moody (Griffin).

Greencastle Dental Bandits: RESULTS NOT OFFICIAL

1. Kyle Benjamin (Simpsonville, S.C.), 2. Mason Massey (Winston), 3. Brady Boswell (Watkinsville), 4. Kason Plott (Marietta), 5. Alex Coffey (McDonough), 6. Madeline Crane (Meansville), 7. Coleman Moody (Griffin), 8. Tyler Moseley (McDonough), 9. Evan Bell (Buford). 


1. Justin Thomas (Woodstock), 2. Will Martin (Douglasville), 3. Dustyn Cunningham (Madison), 4. Jake Armstrong (Fayetteville), 5. Blake Jones (Sevierville, Tenn.), 6. Jonathan Lybrand (Newnan), 7. Jacob Wallace (Griffin), 8. Joseph Pilato (Cropwell, Ala.), 9. Jordan Rogers (Thomaston), 10. Dallan Wortham (Woodstock), 11. Luke Behnke (Fayetteville), 12. Shawn Wortham (Woodstock), 13. Garrett Smithley (Peachtree City).


1. Bret Hardin (Acworth).


1. Jeff Haynie (Zebulon), 2. Skip Nichols (Albany), 3. Brad Shelnutt (Locust Grove), 4. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 5. Wade Brewer (Hampton), 6. Jim Daniel (Thomaston), 7. Mike Abercrombie (Jackson), 8. Brian Weimer (Cumming).


1. Jordan Coker (Powder Springs), 2. Chris Bowie (Douglasville), 3. Mark Swan (Athens), 4. Billy Pyle (Forest Park), 5. Jerry Silvers Jr. (Calhoun), 6. Mark Younginer (Jonesboro), 7. Robbie Woodall (Dawsonville), 8. Amber Colvin (Tallahassee, Fla.), 9. Edward Glanton (Griffin), 10. Sean Shalvoy (Mooreseville, N.C.), 11. Melina Rolo (Cumming), 12. Jacob Bowie (Douglasville), 13. Billy Stevens (Locust Grove), 14. Josh Fulson (Brooks).

Promoter's Choice - Bandolero:

1. Alex Coffey (McDonough), 2. Jonathan Lybrand, 3. Madeline Crane (Meansville), 4. Tyler Moseley (McDonough), 5. Shawn Wortham (Woodstock), 6. Dallan Wortham (Woodstock).

Promoter's Choice - Legends:

1. Kenzie Ruston (El Reno, Okla.), 2. Robbie Woodall (Dawsonville), 3. Mark Abercrombie (Jackson), 4. Billy Pyle (Forest Park), 5. Edward Glanton (Griffin), 6. Jerry Silvers Jr. (Calhoun), 7. Jacob Bowie (Douglasville).