Dale Earnhardt, Jr. visited Atlanta on Thursday to assist Atlanta Motor Speedway in promoting the upcoming Pep Boys Auto 500 race weekend, Atlanta Motor Speedway's first full weekend of NASCAR night racing on Labor Day weekend.

Below is a selection of quotes from Earnhardt, Jr.'s media availability in Atlanta:

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on night racing at Atlanta:
"It will be pretty hairy and pretty fast and you're going to see some people running incredible lap times late in the race on new tires."

On competing in the Degree V12 300 Nationwide Series Race at AMS:
"I think you can [learn a lot about the first Sprint Cup night race at AMS from the Nationwide race]. You want to know at night does the lane change - does where you predominately want to run change from the day races [at AMS]. We'll see what everybody does and what everybody chooses to run late in the race, if they're toward the bottom groove. And you'll get a good idea how much more grip you'll see on Sunday night as the temperature drops."

On double-file restarts at Atlanta on Labor Day weekend:
"I think they make the racing more exciting and at Atlanta it's just going to give opportunities for more passing and opportunities to move forward. It makes the races much more interesting and it's a plus in my mind."

On long-range plans with interim crew chief Lance McGrew:
"As of now, he's the man for the future and he's the guy that we're all placing our confidence in to make the correct decisions. He's taken quite a task on to try to improve our team and change the direction of our team and make us more competitive. We all - I think me and every other member of the team - have the confidence in him to be able to make it happen. I'm feeling pretty good about it, I like working with Lance, I feel pretty comfortable working with him and I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out."