With the brisk pace of campsite sales for the track's Labor Day NASCAR night racing weekend, Atlanta Motor Speedway is urging fans to secure campsites now and the track is offering a payment plan to reserve camping for just $20 down.

Fans have less than one month remaining to take advantage of the Speedway's payment plan, which allows customers to reserve tickets or campsite for just $20 down. The remaining balance is due in three later installments on June 1, July 1 and August 2.

In addition to payment options, Atlanta Motor Speedway has added a new campground, the Legends Premium Campground, in an effort to better serve customers and meet demand for the upcoming Labor Day weekend of NASCAR night racing.

The Legends Premium campground is located between Turn Four and the Legends Campground and provides some of the closest RV campsites to the Speedway's frontstretch grandstand. In addition, the Legends Reserved Tent Campground and the Elliott Reserved Campground were created last year to provide additional tent camping for the Labor Day weekend event.

Below is a complete list of camping options at Atlanta Motor Speedway:

Campground Type Approx. Size Hook-Ups Cost

Club One RV 20x40' Yes $500

East Turn RV 25x45' No $150

Elliott Reserved     RV 25x45' No $150

Family RV 25x40' No $150

Family Premium RV 25x50' Yes $800 year

Family Tent Tent/Pop-Up 20x30' N/A $100

First Turn RV 20x40' No $150

First Turn RV 25x42' No $175

Flock Bros. Infield RV 15x40' No $500 year

Handicapped RV 20x40' No $100

High Speed Infield Tent/Pop-Up 10x30' N/A $300 year

Legends RV 25x45' No $150

Legends Lakeside RV 25x45' Yes $800 year

Legends Premium RV 20x40' No $250

Legends Tent Tent/Pop-Up 20x30' N/A $125

Premiere RV 23x45' Yes $1,000 year

Speedway Blvd. RV 20x50' No $100

Terrace* Luxury RV 25x50' Yes $7,000 year

Terrace Back Row^ Luxury RV 25x70' Yes $6,000 year

Turn One* Luxury RV 20x50' Yes $7,990 year

Campgrounds listed in ITALICS are no longer available and have been reserved to capacity.

*Trackside Terrace and Trackside Turn One Luxury RV campsites include 10 race tickets for each day, 10 pit passes for each day, and tow passes for extra vehicles (one in Turn One; two in Trackside Terrace).

^Trackside Terrace Back Row Luxury RV campsites include 10 race tickets for each day, 10 pit passes for each day, two tow passes for extra vehicles and a viewing veranda located above the track's backstretch.

Please note, four Atlanta Motor Speedway campgrounds – Club One, Family Premium, Legends Lakeside and Premiere – are reserved to capacity and no longer available for the Sept. 4 and 5 race weekend.

To reserve a campsite or purchase tickets to Atlanta Motor Speedway's Labor Day NASCAR night racing weekend, call the Atlanta Motor Speedway Ticket Office at (770) 946-4211, (877) 9-AMS-TIX, or visit www.atlantamotorspeedway.com.