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What's The Best Way To Get To The Track?

No matter which direction you are coming from, there is no shortage of ways to get to Atlanta Motor Speedway!

Fans traveling North have three primary exit options off of Interstate 75 - Exit 205 to Highway 16 through Griffin to Highway 19/41; exit 212 at Locust Grove to Bill Gardner Parkway and onto Georgia Highway 20; or Exit 218 in McDonough onto Highway 20.

If you are coming South on I-75, the preferred exits are 235 onto Highway 19/41 and 218 which routes traffic onto Georgia Highway 20. Both exits are comparable distances from Atlanta Motor Speedway approximately 10 miles away.

For our fans coming from west of the Speedway, Highways 138 and 54 both route traffic onto Highway 19/41 approximately five miles north of the track.

All raceday traffic entering via Highway 20 will be routed into the Weaver and Orange parking lots on the South and West portions of AMS property.

Northbound traffic off of Highway 19/41 entering the Speedway on Lower Woolsey Road will be directed into the Weaver and Orange lots with main entrance traffic routed to the Blue parking lot.

Southbound 19/41 traffic will enter onto Speedway boulevard and park in the red, yellow or green lots on the northern end of AMS property.

If you'd like to download directional maps to help ease your travel to AMS, simply go to www.atlantamotorspeedway.com to download maps and find more race weekend fan information!

And don't forget that once you arrive at Atlanta Motor Speedway, parking is free!

Thanks again for being an AMS Insider, and we're excited that you will be here with us on Labor Day Weekend!