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This week would have been the 62nd birthday of Dale Earnhardt, Sr. I was fortunate to get to know Dale during the late 1970s and early 1980s when Earnhardt’s NASCAR career was on a quick upward progression and I was working at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I even stayed at Earnhardt’s house for a short time when I first moved to Charlotte! We were both really good friends back then and did a lot of stuff together.

I’ll never forget, though, what happened after the 2000 season. This was when the NASCAR awards banquet was held in New York City. Earnhardt finished second in the points standings that year to Bobby Labonte, but unlike some of the past season-ending banquets, he actually stuck around after the banquet. We went to the after-party and low and behold, there's Dale and (his wife) Teresa there.

Not long after that, Dale told me and my wife, Teresa, to join he and his wife off to the side. We must have been there for about 45 minutes. This was a different Dale Earnhardt. He was talking about what's really important and taking care of your employees and the people that work for you and they all take care of you...things that just weren't the old driven Dale Earnhardt kind of guy.

It kind of struck me. You got the feeling that he had made it, and now his thing was to elevate other people and help them out, with the drivers he was hiring at DEI and things like that. Even my wife was like ' that's not the Dale we've seen all those years but isn't it refreshing to see him that way?'

There's never been a tougher competitor on the track who is more determined to do it.

Ask The GM

I have always wanted to camp at the track on race weekend. What kind of options do you have available?

Camping is one of the many things that you just have to experience in person at the racetrack. It’s something that you cannot do when you’re not there for yourself!

We have various camping options available to fit whatever your camping preference may be. We have spaces available for tent and pop-up units in addition to RVs! So whatever you are camping in, we have a campsite for you, both in reserved and unreserved campgrounds both in the campgrounds outside the track or in one of the infield campgrounds of which there are only a few spaces remaining!

One of the neatest things on the week leading up to Labor Day Weekend is seeing how the facility here at Atlanta Motor Speedway slowly fills up, and that definitely includes looking out from our offices over the campgrounds!

If you’d like additional camping information, you can call 877-926-7849 or visit http://www.atlantamotorspeedway.com/events/camping/.

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

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