Legends & bandolero drivers battled for bragging rights Saturday at Atlanta Motor Speedway's second off-season event of 2013. Saturday's first feature race was compiled of drivers from the Masters, Semi-Pro and Young Lions divisions. Masters division driver Ed Clark, led the entire race after he won the division's heat race earlier today.

After the halfway point, Don Chandler gained significant ground on Clark. Chandler was not able to apply enough pressure to pass, though, and Clark was the Masters division winner. Amber Fleeman won the Semi-Pro division, and Woodrow Mullis won the Young Lions division.

The Bandits and Outlaws divisions competed in the second feature race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Bandits leaders Zach Leonhardi and Chandler Smith pulled away from the pack by lap two. On lap five, Lawson Ingold got loose coming around turn two right before Connor Younginer, made contact with him. Both competitors were out for the rest of the day. On lap six, Smith took the lead followed by Outlaws driver Ashton Winger. With five laps to go, Smith broke away from Leonhardi for a smooth finish and victory.

Beginner Bandits driver Ryan Howell was the winner of the Beginner Bandits feature race.

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