Richard Petty Driving Experience

At the Atlanta Motor Speedway the action does not stop at being just a spectator at a race. You can drive a NASCAR race car by yourself! If you are looking to grab the wheel and drive a NASCAR race car or take a NASCAR ride along then the Richard Petty Driving Experience will give you an unforgettable NASCAR experience. Prices start at just $99. Book Richard Petty Driving Experience today!

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NASCAR Racing Experience

Get behind the wheel and drive a NASCAR race car at Atlanta Motor Speedway by yourself! If you don't want to drive, go for a NASCAR Ride Along. NASCAR Racing Experience is "as real as it gets". There's no lead car to follow and no instructor rides with you when you drive. Book your NASCAR Racing Experience today! Prices start at just $99.

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Mario Andretti Racing Experience

You can drive an open wheel, full size, Indy-style race car at Mario Andretti Racing Experience. Drive an open wheel race car by yourself or take a ride along in the back seat of a 2-seat, Indy-style race car. Feel the speed as you drive an Indy-style race car at Mario Andretti Racing Experience, "World's Fastest Driving Experience". Book this once in a lifetime experience today. Prices start at just $99.

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Seat Time Racing School

Founded in 1980,  Buck Baker's Seat Time Racing School is the original stock car racing school.  Whether you are an accomplished racer, a race fan, or just an adrenaline junkie Buck Baker’s Seat Time Racing School has a race  driving or ride along program just for you.  Come see why we were the school of choice for champion drivers such as Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart.

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Other Racing School Experiences: