The modifications and adjustments of vehicles at the Summit Racing Equipment Atlanta Motorama presented by come from all sorts of places.

And while that motivation is mostly derived from places of nostalgia, one custom Honda 1977 CB500 motorcycle that'll be in the show car garage at the 2017 event has an entirely different inspiration for its design.

Atlanta-based Fuller Moto was not content with the bare steel design of the motorcycle, which is known in motorcycle circles as Shogun. Instead, it was engraved with an artwork design that was actually from a local tattoo artist, giving the two-wheeled machine among the most eye-catching and unique paint jobs of any vehicle that'll be at Motorama in 2017.

The bike's Japanese-themed artwork was drawn by an Atlanta-area graffiti artist. Instead of being painted or decaled on, the artwork was instead engraved onto the bike's framework.

The motorcycle stands out beyond its engraved look. Its engine, bored out to 600cc, is adjusted to go beyond the factory speed with titanium valves and springs.

The customization extends to the rear and gas tank area of the Shogun. The metalwork modifications of the bike are shown off with the design of this portion of the motorcycle to reflect the theme and appearance of the rest of the two-wheeled machine and its eight years' worth of adjustments to make it what it is today.

Each year's Motorama is filled with rare and unique vehicles that cannot be seen anywhere else. The Shogun is absolutely in line with that caliber of attractions that attendees can expect at next year's show.

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