The 21st Annual Legends Asphalt Nationals main feature races were held on Atlanta Motor Speedway’s quarter-mile “Thunder Ring” on Saturday, Oct. 27. The final day of the three-day format showcased Bandolero heat races, B-Main features, Bandolero feature races in two divisions with the grand finale of four 40-lap A-main feature events for the Young Lions, Semi-Pro, Masters and Pro divisions to see who the best of the best is.

The Young Lions B-Main feature got underway with Trevin Aswarnauth in the lead. Coming off the second lap, Will Fagan dove to the inside of Aswarnauth to take over the top spot, but a multi-car accident in turn two brought out the caution and turned the lead back over to Aswarnauth, since he was scored as the leader the previous lap. Fagan repeated the move and was able to make the pass on lap four, but unfortunately, the same thing happened – a caution flag was thrown for two separate spins, giving the lead back to Aswarnauth.

The top four drivers, Aswarnauth, Tye Mihocko, Fagan and Grant Quinlan, ran nose to tail lap after lap. On lap 15, Mihocko made a bold move to the inside of Aswarnauth on the backstretch, but the two ran out of real estate in the middle of turns three and four, causing Aswarnauth to spin and make contact with several other cars. Mihocko led the field to the restart but Fagan fought his way to the front to collect the checkered flag. Transferring to the A-Main feature were 10 cars – the top-four finishers and six provisional starters: Fagan, Grant Quinlan, Madeline Crane, Mihocko, Joshua Jackson, Clayton Green, Brandon Debrakeleer, Brendon Bock, David Schilling and Peyton Saxton.  

Gene Traxler paced the field to the start for the Masters B-Main feature. On lap six, Jim Sylvester dove to the inside of Traxler on the backstretch to become the leader. Traxler led the remaining laps to grab the win. The top-10 finishers in the B-Main feature transferred to the A-Main feature. 

Chandler Smith was the leader for the start of the Bandolero Bandits feature. Alan Serrato-Edsall and Austin Geer made contact on the first lap, sending Geer off the track with damage. Smith showed his home field dominance by leading every lap to snatch the victory.

The Bandolero Outlaws feature launched with Joshua Hicks on the pole. Jacob Heafner muscled his way to the front on lap two and never looked back. He logged the win after leading the rest of the laps in the race. 

The Young Lions A-Main feature began with Carson Ferguson on the pole. On lap nine, Ryan Shattuck made a bid to the inside of Ferguson for the top spot and one circuit later was able to make the completed pass. Andy Hogan made the same move on Shattuck to get to the front. Hogan, Shattuck and Ferguson ran nose to tail for several laps until the halfway point when the leaders came up on the rear of the field. Shattuck stayed glued to Hogan’s bumper while Hogan negotiated his way through the slower cars. On lap 32, Hogan and Shattuck made contact passing a lap-down car allowing third-place Evan Bell to shoot his way past the two to assume the lead. Hogan had damage while the caution came out for debris from the incident. On the restart, Bell was the leader with Shattuck in second, while Hogan fell to the rear of the lead lap cars. Ferguson used the choose rule to restart second on the outside of the front row next to Bell. He used that track position to get by Bell on the final lap to seize the win.  

David Garbo, Jr. took the green flag to set off the Semi-Pro A-Main feature. The top six cars ran nose to tail for the beginning laps, putting some distance between the second pack on the Thunder Ring. On lap 11, the front pack started putting cars a lap down. One lap later, there was a skirmish between the top two cars, allowing third-place Spencer Boyd to shoot up to the front. While Boyd was pulling away, the next five cars of William Plemons III, Garbo, Luke Behnke, Myatt Snider and Josh Brimecombe were in a heated battle for position.

A wreck on lap 22 involving three cars brought out the caution flag, but when the race got restarted, Snider made the pass by Boyd to become the leader. After the restart, Brimecombe made his bid to get to the front, passing Snider on lap 26. With two to go, Snider dove to the inside of Brimecombe and made the pass stick to capture the checkered flag.     

Terry Mathis was the pole sitter for the Masters A-Main feature. Defending Masters Legends Asphalt Nationals champion, Ira Laughy, made his way to the front by lap eight. A wreck in turns three and four turned the lead over to Kevin Foisy for the restart. Foisy got loose on lap 28, allowing Laughy to jump to the front. Laughy held on to post the victory.  

The Pro A-Main feature kicked off with Mason Massey out front. Justin Swilling was glued to Massey’s bumper lap after lap, but he was never able to attempt a pass for the top spot. Massey led every lap to score the win. Experience on AMS’ Thunder Ring seemed to be key, as drivers from Georgia claimed the top four spots.

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Young Lions – B-Main feature results:

1. Will Fagan (Cumming, Ga.), 2. Grant Quinlan* (Maidstone, Ontario, Canada), 3. Madeline Crane (Meansville, Ga.), 4. Tye Mihocko (Peoria, Ariz.), 5. Michael Torres (Apopka, Fla.), 6. Daniel Conlin, Jr. (St. Cloud, Fla.), 7. Joshua Jackson* (Albuquerque, N.M.), 8. Clayton Green* (Marble Falls, Texas), 9. Nicola Lascuola (Brockton, Mass.), 10. Brandon Debrakeleer* (Mill Village, Pa.), 11. Christopher Hogan (The Woodlands, Texas), 12. Cody Anderson (Cincinnati, Ohio), 13. Brendon Bock* (Franklin Square, N.Y.), 14. Trevin Aswarnauth (Loganville, Ga.), 15. David Schilling* (East Greenbush, N.Y.), 16. Peyton Saxton* (Las Vegas, Nev.).

*regional provisional qualifiers


Masters – B-Main feature results:

1. Jim Sylvester (Massapequa, N.Y.), 2. Bruce Silver (Davidson, N.C.), 3. Mike Kennedy (Alpharetta, Ga.), 4. Joe Graf* (Mahwah, N.J.), 5. Todd McLemore (Austin, Texas), 6. Chris Bowie (Douglasville, Ga.), 7. Gene Traxler (Lakeville, Minn.), 8. Dave Reed (Coto De Caza, Calif.), 9. Jamie Smith (Mocksville, N.C.), 10. Michael Sauer (Atlanta, Ga.), 11. Mark Swan (Atlanta, Ga.), 12. Dewayne Irwin (Grandview, Texas).

*regional provisional qualifier


Bandolero Bandits results:

1. Chandler Smith (Talking Rock, Ga.), 2. Zachary Dabbs (Mooresville, N.C.), 3. Alan Serrato-Edsall (Indianapolis, Ind.), 4. Abagail Marin (Peachtree City, Ga.), 5. Austin Geer (Johns Creek, Ga.).


Bandolero Outlaw results:

1. Jacob Heafner (Dallas, N.C.), 2. Joshua Hicks (Senoia, Ga.), 3. Dylan Smith (Concord, N.C.), 4. Tyler Mosley (McDonough, Ga.), 5. Eli Bailey (Johns Creek, Ga.), 6. Ryan Pierce (Orlando, Fla.).


Young Lions – A-Main feature results:

1. Carson Ferguson (Charlotte, N.C), 2. Evan Bell (Buford, Ga.), 3. Kaz Grala (Westborough, Mass.), 4. Joey Padgett (Tallahassee, Fla.), 5. Ryan Shattuck (Islamorada, Fla.), 6. Zach King (Southlake, Texas), 7. Jordan Black (Winter Springs, Fla.), 8. Austin Cindric (Mooresville, N.C.), 9. Kason Plott (Marietta, Ga.), 10. Madeline Crane (Meansville, Ga.), 11. Trey Jarrell (Martinsville, Va.), 12. Riley Thornton (Peachtree City, Ga.), 13. Clayton Green (Marble Falls, Texas), 14. Danny Allen (Lincoln, Calif.), 15. David Schilling (East Greenbush, N.Y.), 16. Payton Ryan (Jonesville, La.), 17. Will Fagan (Cumming, Ga.), 18. Tye Mihocko (Peoria, Ariz.), 19. Grant Quinlan (Maidstone, Ontario, Canada), 20. Brendon Bock (Franklin Square, N.Y.), 21. Joshua Jackson (Albuquerque, N.M.), 22. Brandon Debrakeleer (Mill Village, Pa.), 23. Peyton Saxton (Las Vegas, Nev.), 24. Zane Smith (Huntington Beach, Calif.), 25. Reid Wilson (Huntersville, N.C.), 26. Andy Hogan (Decatur, Texas).


Semi-Pro – A-Main feature results:

1. Myatt Snider (Charlotte, N.C.), 2. David Garbo, Jr. (Stonington, Conn.), 3. Josh Brimecombe (Concord, N.C.), 4. Justin Thomas (Woodstock, Ga.), 5. Luke Behnke (Fayetteville, Ga.), 6. William Plemons III (Locust Grove, Ga.), 7. Garrett Smithley (Peachtree City, Ga.), 8. Alex Hickman (Houston, Texas), 9. Bailey Jones (Nashville, Tenn.), 10. Ryan Hammar-Johns (Pembroke, N.H.), 11. Tyler Turner (Roostawn, Ohio), 12. Ryan Mackintosh (Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada), 13. Jay Coen (Dacula, Ga.), 14. Jeffrey Davis (Roanoke, Texas), 15. Joe Osbourne (Holland, Pa.), 16. Spencer Boyd (St. Louis, Mo.), 17. Chad Davis (Bethpage, Tenn.), 18. Austin Langenstein (Scranton, Pa.), 19. Joe Pike (Monroe, La.), 20. Rex Brown (Piedmont, S.C.), 21. Jami Weimer (Cumming, Ga.), 22. Mike Weed (Franklin, Ga.), 23. Luke Hommerding (Alexandria, Minn.), 24. Tyler Goodwin (Kingsport, Tenn.), 25. Randy Beddow (Lake Tapps, Wash.), 26. Justin Bolton (Greensburg, Pa.). 


Masters – A-Main feature results:

1. Ira Laughy (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), 2. Kevin Foisy (Clayton, Ontario, Canada), 3. Jack Dossey (Indianapolis, Ind.), 4. Skip Nichols (Albany, Ga.), 5. David Riopelle (Dunrobin, Ontario, Canada), 6. Carl Cormier (Davidson, N.C.), 7. Joe Graf (Mahwah, N.J.), 8. Ed Clark (Peachtree City, Ga.), 9. Brian Weimer (Cumming, Ga.), 10. Tina Johnson (Senoia, Ga.), 11. Todd McLemore (Austin, Texas), 12. Chris Freeland (Bastrop, La.), 13. Chris Bowie (Douglasville, Ga.), 14. Bruce Silver (Davidson, N.C.), 15. Jamie Smith (Mocksville, N.C.), 16. Dave Reed (Coto De Caza, Calif.), 17. Jim Sylvester (Massapequa, N.Y.), 18. Michael Sauer (Atlanta, Ga.), 19. Don Chandler (Macon, Ga.), 20. Mike Kennedy (Alpharetta, Ga.), 21. Jeff Green (Lewisburg, Ky.), 22. Scott Anderson (Austin, Texas), 23. Gene Conley (Highland Village, Texas), 24. Terry Mathis (Cumming, Ga.), 25. Gene Traxler (Lakeville, Minn.), 26. Buddy Goudy (Ft. Worth, Texas).


Pro – A-Main feature results:

1. Mason Massey (Douglasville, Ga.), 2. Justin Swilling (Cohutta, Ga.), 3. Will Prance (Cumming, Ga.), 4. Chris Dilbeck (Hampton, Ga.), 5. Matt Pappa (Nassau, N.Y.), 6. Evan Swilling (Cohutta, Ga.), 7. Jake Cole (Kerney, Mo.), 8. T.J. Michael (Plano, Texas), 9. Dakota Baggette (Lakeland, Fla.), 10. Kyle Beattie (Locust, N.C.), 11. A.J. Carlisi (Dalton, Ga.), 12. Jason Irwin (Albuquerque, (N.M.), 13. Dylan Cappello (Peoria, Ariz.), 14. Austin Reed (Bakersfield, Calif.), 15. Baiden Heskett (Ft. Worth, Texas), 16. Christopher Freeland (Bastrop, La.), 17. Raven Schrantz (Allentown, Pa.), DNS – Brad Queen (Anna, Texas).