Performance Elite is one of five product lines AdvoCare offers. These products are the source for advanced sports nutrition and scientifically developed to encourage a healthy, natural pursuit toward optimal performance*. Whether you’re looking to add muscle, enhance workouts or efficiently recover from strenuous activity, look no further.

Hundreds of professional athletes and coaches and thousands of people across the nation are fueled by these products. They expect the best from themselves, and look to AdvoCare to exceed their expectations. They choose AdvoCare because they know the products work and that they are safe.

“I have completely transformed my body with AdvoCare products. I dropped my body fat percentage from 18 percent to less than 10 percent in three months and have maintained a body fat percentage of 10 percent or lower since 2007. What I love about AdvoCare products is that no matter what someone’s goals are, what age or activity level, AdvoCare has the perfect product regimen for everyone’s unique body.”

Jennifer Blundell, AdvoCare Independent Distributor

About AdvoCare

AdvoCare will return for the second year as the Title Sponsor of the AdvoCare 500 and the Official Performance Elite products of Atlanta Motor Speedway in 2012. Located in Plano, Texas, AdvoCare offers nutrition, weight loss, energy and sports performance products of the highest quality developed through comprehensive research and backed by a Scientific & Medical Advisory Board.

AdvoCare products are available exclusively through AdvoCare Independent Distributors. Connect with one today at!/advocare?sk=app_111895501427


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.