Atlanta Motor Speedway’s Thursday Thunder hosted double feature racing on Thursday, June 21, with competitors scoring points for weeks three and four. The series will complete the 10-event season over eight consecutive weeks with racing every Thursday night plus the double features night and a special Wednesday night Fourth of July event featuring the Papa John’s Pizza Fireworks Extravaganza.

Alex Coffey was the leader for the start of the first Shane’s Rib Shack Young Lions feature. It was a three-wide drag race to the line coming to lap four, with Will Fagan coming across the line first. One lap later, Riley Thornton and Payton Ryan made contact at the start/finish line, bringing out the caution. Points leader Evan Bell shot past Fagan on lap five. Woodrow Mullis and Trevin Aswarnauth got together in turns three and four, causing the caution flag to fly on lap eight. A multi-car wreck broke out, slowing the race and resetting the field. Bell led the remaining laps to grab the win.

The first Outlaws feature launched with Eli Bailey on the pole. The field had two attempts to start the race, but both times the field wrecked in turn two resetting the field. Jenson Jorgensen had the lead when the race got underway. With one lap to go in the race, points leader Taylor Jorgensen got to the back bumper of her brother, Jenson, but was unable to make the pass. Jenson held on to log his first Thursday Thunder feature win.

Austin Hill began the first Pro feature out front. Points leader Mason Massey started from the rear of the field and by lap one was in the second position with Steven Cantrell in the lead. Massey made his move on lap six for the top spot. Massey captured his third consecutive win on the “Thunder Ring.”

The first Masters feature opened with Don Chandler pacing the field to the green flag. By lap one, Brian Weimer shot to the front. Weimer led the remaining laps to seize his first Thursday Thunder win of the season.

Ashton Winger was the pole sitter for the first Racing Radios Bandits feature. The race encountered many caution periods due to several incidents on the track. On the final restart, points leader Chandler Smith and Winger traded the lead back and forth with Smith the victor in the battle. Smith picked up his second win of the season.

The first Semi-Pro feature opened with Kyle Bembry as the starter. There was a four-wide battle into turn one with Justin Thomas out front upon the completion of lap one. On lap four, Emilee Riley and Bembry made contact in turn four bringing out the caution. Thomas was the leader until Myatt Snider became the point man on lap 10. Points leader William Plemons III put a nose to Snider on lap 11 to get to the front. Plemons claimed his third consecutive win.

Brian Sutton paced the field to the start for the first Buzz Cars feature, but Scott Kasparek was out front after the first lap. Sutton fought back for the top spot on lap nine. Sutton led the remaining circuits to record his first victory this season.

After an all class autograph session, the competitors suited up for their second race of the night.

The second Shane’s Rib Shack Young Lions feature got underway with Riley Thornton in the lead. Coming to the completion of lap one, almost half the field wrecked at the exit of turn four. This set up a full field restart. Thornton led every circuit to bag his second feature win of the season.

The Outlaws feature began with Miguel Cesar, Jr. on the pole for its second feature. Coming to lap four Taylor Jorgensen worked her way to the front. On lap six several cars wrecked on the backstretch. Taylor was the class of the field, leading the rest of the circuits to post her third win of the 2012 Thursday Thunder season.

Ryan Gandee took the green flag to set off the second Pro feature. By lap nine, points leader Mason Massey made his way to the second spot from the rear of the field. Four laps later, Massey dove past Gandee to assume the point and snatch the eventual win; his fourth win in four Thursday Thunder starts this season.

The second Masters feature kicked off with Tina Johnson out front. Coming to lap five, Terry Mathis muscled his way to the top spot and led the rest of the race to notch his third career Thursday Thunder victory. Mathis also won for the fans by having a red car as customers get fifty percent off online orders with the code 50RED at participating Papa John’s Pizza locations all weekend long.

The Racing Radios Bandits had Abigail Marin pacing the field to the green flag for its second feature, but by the time the field completed the first circuit, Connor Younginer was out front. Younginer had trouble one lap later and Ashton Winger became the point man. Winger went on to score his first Thursday Thunder victory of the season.

The second Semi-Pro feature started with Garrett Smithley as the leader. On lap 14, second place and points leader William Plemons III worked his way up to the front. On the final lap, Plemons spun out in turn two and Smithley shot by him to steal the win. It was his first victory of the summer season.

Zach Privette led the Buzz Cars for the final feature of the night. By lap two, Brian Sutton was out front. Despite a challenge by Allen Nolan, Sutton fended him off to collect the win.

Short-track racing returns to Atlanta Motor Speedway on Thursday, June 28 featuring the annual fan-favorite Faster Pastor race. Tickets for the affordable, family-friendly racing series costs just $6 for adults, $2 for children ages six through 11 and is free for children ages five and younger. Gates open at 6 p.m., heat races start at 6:15 p.m. and feature races start at approximately 7:50 p.m. For more information, contact the Atlanta Motor Speedway Ticket Office at (770) 946-4211, (877) 9-AMS-TIX or visit

For more information on Buzz Cars racing at Atlanta Motor Speedway, contact the Atlanta Motor Speedway Events Department at (770) 946-3954.

To test drive your own Legends machine, or for more information about Legends racing, call Legends of Georgia director Dwight Pilgram at (770) 707-2977 or visit

Week Three Race Results:

Shane’s Rib Shack Young Lions:
1. Evan Bell (Buford), 2. Ryan Shattuck (Islamorada, Fla.), 3. Joey Padgett (Tallahassee, Fla.), 4. Will Fagan (Cumming), 5. Riley Thornton (Peachtree City), 6. Madeline Crane (Meansville), 7. Payton Ryan (Concord, N.C.), 8. Trevin Aswarnauth (Loganville), 9. Megan Younginer (Stockbridge), 10. Blake Gaither (Nashville), 11. Woodrow Mullis (Hoboken), 12. Alex Coffey (McDonough).

1. Jenson Jorgensen (Stockbridge), 2. Taylor Jorgensen (Stockbridge), 3 Christopher Clanton (Brooks), 4. Chase Purdy (Gallion, Ala.), 5. Stefan Parsons (Cornelius, N.C.), 6. Eli Bailey (Johns Creek), 7. Miguel Cesar, Jr., 8. Alton Clark (Newnan), 9. Tyler Mosley (McDonough), 10. Dale Oliver (The Rock).

1. Mason Massey (Douglasville), 2. Steven Cantrell (Concord, N.C), 3. Jeff Haynie (Zebulon), 4. Austin Hill (Winston), 5. Bubba Harry (Griffin), 6. Ryan Gandee (McDonough).

1. Brian Weimer (Cumming), 2. Skip Nichols (Albany), 3. Terry Mathis (Cumming), 4. Tina Johnson (Senoia), 5. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 6. Don Chandler (Macon), 7. Mark Swan (Atlanta), 8. Phillip Young (Dallas), 9. James Meredith (Locust Grove), 10. John Tucker (Douglasville).

Racing Radios Bandits:
1. Chandler Smith (Talking Rock), 2. Ashton Winger (Fayetteville), 3. Connor Younginer (Stockbridge), 4. Austin Geer (Johns Creek), 5. Reid Morris (Carrollton), 6. Zach Leonhardi (Smyrna), 7. Abigail Marin (Peachtree City), 8. Lee Hodges (Valdosta), 10. Bodie Weeks, 11. Joshua Hicks (Senoia).

1. William Plemons III (Forsyth), 2. Justin Thomas (Woodstock), 3. Garrett Smithley (Peachtree City), 4. Jay Coen (Dacula), 5. Myatt Snider (Charlotte, N.C.), 6. Amber Fleeman (Dacula), 7. Jami Weimer (Cumming), 8. Emilee Riley (Jasper), 9. Hub Talbot (Smyrna), 10. Billy Stevenson (Locust Grove), 11. Mike Weed (Franklin), 12. Aaron Bailey (Hull), 13. Brett Hardin (Acworth), 14. Kyle Bembry (Macon).

Buzz Cars:
1. Brian Sutton (Covington), 2. Scott Kasparek (Sharpsburg), 3. Allen Nolan (Hartwell), 4. Zack Privette (Locust Grove), 5. Josh McIntryre (Stockbridge).

Week Four Race Results:

Shane’s Rib Shack Young Lions:
1. Riley Thornton (Peachtree City), 2. Joey Padgett (Tallahassee, Fla.), 3. Evan Bell (Buford), 4. Will Fagan (Cumming), 5. Alex Coffey (McDonough), 6. Payton Ryan (Concord, N.C.), 7. Megan Younginer (Stockbridge), 8. Blake Gaither (Nashville), 9. Ryan Shattuck (Islamorada, Fla.), 10. Trevin Aswarnauth (Loganville), 11. Madeline Crane (Meansville), 12. Woodrow Mullis (Hoboken).

1. Taylor Jorgensen (Stockbridge), 2. Alton Clark (Newnan), 3. Eli Bailey (Johns Creek), 4. Christopher Clanton (Brooks), 5. Miguel Cesar, Jr., 6. Tyler Mosley (McDonough), 7. Chase Purdy (Gallion, Ala.), 8. Jenson Jorgensen (Stockbridge), 9. Stefan Parsons (Cornelius, N.C.), DNS - Dale Oliver (The Rock).

1. Mason Massey (Douglasville), 2. Ryan Gandee (McDonough), 3. Steven Cantrell (Concord, N.C), 4. Jeff Haynie (Zebulon), 5. Bubba Harry (Griffin), DNS – Austin Hill (Winston).

1. Terry Mathis (Cumming), 2. Brian Weimer (Cumming), 3. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 4. Skip Nichols (Albany), 5. Tina Johnson (Senoia), 6. Phillip Young (Dallas), 7. Don Chandler (Macon), 8. Mark Swan (Atlanta), 9. James Meredith (Locust Grove).

Racing Radios Bandits:
1. Ashton Winger (Fayetteville), 2. Zach Leonhardi (Smyrna), 3. Chandler Smith (Talking Rock), 4. Reid Morris (Carrollton), 5. Abigail Marin (Peachtree City), 6. Lee Hodges (Valdosta), 7. Connor Younginer (Stockbridge), 8. Joshua Hicks (Senoia), 9. Austin Geer (Johns Creek), DNS – Bodie Weeks.

1. Garrett Smithley (Peachtree City), 2. Myatt Snider (Charlotte, N.C.), 3. Mike Weed (Franklin), 4. Brett Hardin (Acworth), 5. Emilee Riley (Jasper), 6. Jay Coen (Dacula), 7. Billy Stevenson (Locust Grove), 8. Jami Weimer (Cumming), 9. Amber Fleeman (Dacula), 10. William Plemons III (Forsyth), 11. Hub Talbot (Smyrna), 12. Kyle Bembry (Macon), 13. Aaron Bailey (Hull), DQ - Justin Thomas (Woodstock).

Buzz Cars:
1. Brian Sutton (Covington), 2. Allen Nolan (Hartwell), 3. Josh McIntryre (Stockbridge), 4. Zack Privette (Locust Grove).