Bad Boy Buggies® traces its roots to the woods of Mississippi, where two hunters pioneered the the creation of a fully electric, 4WD utility vehicle to handle the real terrain of the outdoors and the serious expectations of today’s outdoorsmen.

Here, the first Bad Boy Buggy was born—the ultimate hunting machine.Offering outdoorsmen a dual-motor, fully electric 4x4 vehicle that combined gritty off-road performance with quiet, emissions-free operation, Bad Boy Buggies changed the utility vehicle industry forever. Over time, these vehicles have continued to innovate in offering a multitude of diverse new models with enhanced off-road capabilities and features. Today, Bad Boy Buggies are designed and built by E-Z-GO, a leading global manufacturer of light transportation vehicles with more than 55 years of history and innovation in electric-vehicle technology. E-Z-GO is a business unit of Textron, a global Fortune 500 company with a reputation of manufacturing excellence.

The Bad Boy Buggies product line now consists of seven different vehicles, ranging from its silent 4WD electric machines to the recently introduced Work Series of gas- and diesel-powered models for handling tough chores and tasks around any acreage.

The newest member of the Bad Boy Buggies crew is the Ambush™, a unique vehicle that combines independent gas and electric powertrains for the ultimate in range, performance and versatility. The Ambush features both a 48-volt electric drivetrain and a 16 hp, 480cc V-Twin gas engine, either of which can operate the vehicle independently in two-wheel-drive operation, or which can operated in tandem for four-wheel-drive power. With a range of up to 100 miles, the Ambush offers the avid hunter a solution for longer hunting excursions where both extended range and low-noise, odorless operation are necessary for a successful hunt.

The vehicle provides three separate operating modes: rear-wheel-drive 2WD gas, front-wheel-drive 2WD electric, and 4WD with both gas and electric powertrains engaged. Operators can shift between all three modes “on the fly” using a simple control integrated into the vehicle’s keyswitch. An onboard computer coordinates the operation of the Ambush’s dual powertrains, ensuring that the gas and electric systems work together for maximum power and efficiency and making control easy for the user.

The Ambush is available in both a four-passenger model with a rear-facing back seat, and a two-passenger model with a 9.6-cubic-foot cargo bed. Standard features include:

· a manually locking rear differential, which can be engaged in 2WD gas or 4WD operation, to help navigate the toughest terrain;

· a momentary boost switch that offers immediate 4WD operation at the push of a button to power through the trail’s deepest ruts and eddies;

· four-wheel hydraulic brakes;
· independent A-arm front suspension with MacPherson struts to absorb the bumps and jolts of the journey.

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