What does a fertilizer company from Michigan, a cartoon character, a black Chevy, and thousands of fans have in common?  Atlanta Motor Speedway is the obvious answer; but, while standing on the infield in the rain on a stormy afternoon as track officials deliberated the fate of the 2011 Advocare 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Race, I honestly didn’t think of it.  So, as the National Anthem ended and the Boy Scouts strained to keep the enormous, water logged American flag off the ground, an unexpected opportunity presented itself.

I had never considered myself a race fan and this was my first experience at a NASCAR event.

Early last year Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers partnered with Furniture Row Racing in an advocacy initiative called Farm American.  This is a great program created to connect farming and ranching families with the people who consume the food they raise.  It is about education, and the awareness of how important it is to  of keep our food and fiber grown here in America; and it is about doing it in a fun and engaging way. We were attending the race as part of the Farm American team.

The race was cancelled for that day and as we were getting ready to leave I was introduced to Mr. Dennis Mills, the Landscape Superintendent at the speedway.  We had a brief conversation and Dennis shared some of the challenges he faced keeping a major Race facility looking great.  Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers manufactures products that provide solutions to these types of challenges.  A few weeks later we met for further discussions.  A marketing agreement was drafted and a partnership was forged.

During the  past year we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the people at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Allison Fillmore and the Speedway’s marketing team have worked to create high exposure opportunities and unique on track experiences for our company.  Dennis Mills has provided the insight and expertise needed to create an effective fertility program, and Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers supplies products and usage recommendations that help make the Speedway a showcase. Our association with AMS has also opened the door to begin work with another major race venue.

It’s great to have our logo in front of thousands of race fans.  It is awesome to be involved in helping to keep the Speedway beautiful and see our products perform so well.  It is a ton of fun to provide our sales associates and employees the opportunity to enjoy once in a life-time NASCAR experiences.  And it is exciting to see opportunities that could develop with other tracks and industry professionals.

We partnered with Furniture Row Racing to help tell the great story of American Agriculture and didn’t anticipate that our involvement in the Racing industry would extend beyond that.  With the rain came an unexpected opportunity and I can honestly say I didn’t see that one coming.  

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